Friday, September 08, 2006

Daunte's Inferno

Man, Daunte had a bad night last night. His QB rating was so low (how low was it?) was so low, that it equaled a good night by AJ Feeley, and he was actually looking up at a typical Jay Fiedler rating. (for the record, Daunte's QB rating was about 46, while Jay's was usually in the 70s)

He threw some balls wildly, forced two balls in for picks, didn't look off receivers all that well, and seemed way out of synch with Chris Chambers, and to a point, Marty Booker.

The Dolphins Ranter suggested that maybe Daunte needs to take the receivers on a there's an intriguing idea!

Then again, maybe they rushed him back too soon?

Oh, and one more comment: the big knock on him is that he fumbled in critical situations. At least he didn't fumble at all in this game!
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