Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Critical plays

Miami had a trio of key plays in this game:

Early in the 4th quarter, score tied at 10, Miami faced 4th and 4 at their
own 29. Jones punts to Pac Man, and Pac Man jukes and ducks and rolls all
the way to the endzone for what he thought was a score. Except for that
pesky illegal block that brought it back to the Tennessee 22. Tennessee
went 3 and out to end that series, and Miami scored on their next possession
to take the lead they wouldn't relinquish.

Its obvious, but Tennessee 1st and 10 at the Miami 43 at the 2 minute
warning. Travis Daniels steps in front of the pass and effectively ends the

...but not quite. Miami needed a 1st down to seal it. Miami had a 3rd and
8 at their own 33. They had run two downs, and clearly the Titans were
thinking run to grind the clock. Culpepper backs into the shotgun, and
throws a pass to Welker who's just past the first down marker. He gets
another 10 yards and is hauled down...

And that did it. All of this happened in the last 5 minutes of the game,
which made this probably the most interesting part of the game.

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