Monday, September 18, 2006

Bills 16, the Dolphins...forgot to show up

Miami came in to this game with every possible advantage: it was the home
opener, it was expected to be exceptionally hot and the Bills would be
wearing their blue unis, Nick Saban against Dick Jauron, Mike Mularkey knows
his old team, 10 days to prepare, three rookie starters on the Bills
defense, JP Losman at QB for the Bills...

And yet none of it mattered. The phins came in totally "flat" and looked
inept, inapt, and everything in between. They showed me nothing on offense.
On defense, they played well enough to maybe have enabled a win, but it
wasn't a fabulous performance. Special teams were adequate, the main issue
being a blocked punt (which hasn't happened to the Phins since - geez, I
don't even remember!) for the offense, Nate Clements shut down Chris Chambers. Randy
McMichael was a non-factor for reasons I can't begin to explain. Marty
Booker, was he even playing? Wes Welker caught 5 passes. Ronnie Brown was
his own on-eman hilight show being both the leading rusher and the leading
receiver. But, that may simply mean that there were so many breakdowns that
Brown was the only option.

And of course, Daunte Culpepper was the main source of the problem: he was
hurried often, had trouble reading coverages, had trouble getting the ball
in to receivers, and was sacked early and often.

I was underwhelmed by the performance, and I totally understand why fans
were booing. It was pathetic.

0-2 and last in the AFC East is bad, but deserved from what I've seen.

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Saban wants to spread the blame around to everyone, but bascially the offense has two main problems.

1) Offensive line is less than adequate (this is a nice way of avoiding use of the word "sucks").

2) Daunte is not yet fully recovered, and this is affecting his style of play (that and the turnstile offensive line in front of him. I mean, a saloon door would give Ryan Denney more trouble than L.J. Shelton did).