Monday, September 25, 2006

another mystery solved

I had been wondering what happens to former cheerleaders. And this weekend,
I learned the answer. Many of them are still involved with the Dolphins in
some capacity. I'm not sure if they're volunteers or they get paid for what
they do, but I saw last year's pro bowl rep - Danielle - helping to set up
things for us.

And I previously mentioned that Kristine is (or was) talking to the fans a
la Defoe.

And our "ambassadors" for the day were Adriana and Kelly. I also saw Gina
out on the field on Sunday in a similar role.

I talked with Adriana and Kelly for a bit on Saturday...hey they were there
and were happy to talk with us. The Dolphins started the ambassador program
to make a more fan-friendly type environment for guests of H Wayne and such.
The idea is to give them someone to direct them around the stadium, onto
the field for pregame warmups, and then to their seats. They can answer
questions for the guest, and assist them as needed. And it doesn't hurt
that they'r easy on the eyes.

I think this is a great idea, and it shows the Phins are trying to make for
a better fan experience - even if this particular effort is for executive

By the way, I did mention to both of the young ladies that I had a number of
their pictures on my website, and that this was a win for both of us: I get
more hits because often people find my site by searching for cheerleader
pictures, and they get more exposure, which benefits them in some way.

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My exposure would benefit them too. Pass it on!