Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stadium Improvements

The Phins announced a series of improvements to Dolphins Stadium, and we got to see them all first hand at the game. Here are our thoughts about them:
  • The new scoreboards These are phenomenal. HD screens that make you weep based on their size and clarity. And best of all, very few ads show on them, especially as the game is being played. The only oddity is that they both show the exact same image, but the larger one (in the east endzone) stretches it, so everyone looks weird.

  • The ribbon banner This is pretty cool, but a little distracting. Especially at night. Its always moving and changing colors. The addition of scores and stats at various times is good, but it will take some getting used to.

  • Cool zone I like this...a way to go and escape the heat.

  • Fan-de-monium (or whatever they call it)...there are cheerleaders who appear in "the 400" and try and get the crowd whooped up. There are people roving around who will spray anyone with water (not with a firehose, but with a mister..darn!). And there are Fins Force members who are tossing stuff into the stands.

  • Okay, this last one is a good concept. But, it's awkward, and uneven. And my big problem had to do with the Fins Force throwing beads, small paper fans, and plastic water spray bottles to the people in the stands. Everyone wanted this junk, and so lots of people stood up to try and get it. Problem was that they were being thrown while the game was being played, so you couldn't see the field through the throngs standing and trying to catch the beads. AND, they were throwing them hard that there was a chance you might get hit if you weren't paying attention.
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