Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Player movement

The Dolphins signed "Big Daddy" Wilkninson to help with their "youth movement" at defensive tackle. Wilkinson is 33 and a former all pro, but much younger than Keith Traylor at 37.

Junior Seau hung up his cleats for the last time and officially retired from the Phins and the NFL.

As expected, Will Poole did not reach an injury settlement with the Dolphins, meaning that he is "back with the team" albeit on a reserved/injured list. The Phins will undoubtedly place him on injured reserve, pay him while he rehabs, and allow him to work out at training camp. But, they will release him as soon as he is healthy.

And finally, Manny Wrights parents visited with their son, and have advocated that he return to camp. We'll see.
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