Sunday, August 20, 2006

Phins 13, Bucs 10

Compared with the last game, this game was actually kind of interesting. The Phins starters played for most of the half, and looked pretty good. And frankly, Daunte showed me a lot: he took hits, he threw some balls into tight spots, and he moved well enough.

And, wow, what can I say about Big Daddy? He was a stud out there. He had 2 sacks in his half of work. Who needs training camp, anyway?

Miami led early on a Mare field goal, then they got a nice cart-wheeling TD from Sammy Morris, and finally a 52 yarder by Mare rounded out the scoring. Tampa scored a field goal when it was 10-0, and then managed the late TD over Jason Allen.

But, Miami snuffed out a late opportunity when Jack "Michael" Hunt made an interception in Dolphin territory.

Jay Fiedler didn't play, so we couldn't see him against his old team. David Boston did play, but didn't catch a pass.

Its preseason, and I'll take it. Its not about winning or losing, its about seeing some performances that make an impression...and as most players will tell you - not getting injured.
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