Sunday, August 13, 2006

Jaguars 31, Dolphins 26

I know, I know, its just the first preseason game, and its really meaningless. But, I liked what I saw during the 1st and early 2nd quarters when most of the starters were on the field. Culpepper only threw twice, and they ran "max protect" to ensure that no one touched him. But, he was out there. And moved well. And when he left the game, he was a true leader, coming over to players as they came off and congratulating or consoling them.

And Harrington showed some good things early, before becoming exactly what he was in Detroit, fumbling, throwing high, etc. The runners all seemed to acquit themselves well. And the o-line actually looked solid for the most part.

On defense, they held the Jags to 28 yards rushing in that quarter or so, and Zach Thomas seemed to be saying to everyone "I'm pissed because my sister and my best friend are getting divorced, so take that!"...and even the pass defense played well against the starters and second stringers.

I didn't see anything that left me aghast, but I did get bored between the late second and early 4th quarters, because it was your trypical preseason action.

Then, it got interesting. Brock Berlin took the field, and the team was down by 12 with 5 or so minutes left. And, unfortunately, Brock looked very much like he did in his last performance in college at the U of M, and was sacked, threw wildly, and looked ugly out there.

But, he did manage one good drive that led to a last second TD. Too bad the phins were still down by 12, of course, but it was a nice effort.
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