Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gotta feel for this guy

Will Poole was drafted during the Dave Wannstedt era as one of the many dbs he hoped would come in and contribute. Playing behind Madison and Sertain he did contribute, but only a little, because the starters were all-pros.

Then, Nick comes in and trades Sertain, but Poole blows out a knee and missed all of last season. He and Ricky rehabbed together at the Phins facility. Both Poole and Saban hoped Poole could contribute this year.

Then, a few days into training camp, Poole injures the same knee (this time it was a stress fracture), and would be lost for the season. So Saban simply released him - injured - and now the settlement process begins. Drew Rosenhaus is his agent, so no telling where this will net out.
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