Saturday, August 26, 2006

The botched offensive play

Miami got a first and goal down around the 10, with their first team offense
still on the field.

1st down, Sammy Morris sqieezes through for a yard
2nd down, Daunte's pass for McMichael is off target
3rd down, Daunte finds Chambers over the middle, and he nearly makes it into
the endzone. He's marked down at the 1.
4th down, Miami decides to go for it, being behind just 3-0.

I can't fault the decision. You want to see what your players can do. But,
Miami called what amounts to a slow developing play. Ronnie Brown took the
handoff, and they ran a trap to the right side. Anderson got his guy.
Hadnot got his guy. And Jeno James pulled to go into the hole first and
knock out the linebacker.

Only...James got his feet tangled with Culpepper, and tripped. He dove for
the pile, but succeeded only in hitting a defender on the ground. Brown
went into the line, the untouched linebacker clobbered him.

(a) I wonder if they would have called the same thing if the game had
counted, and (2) I wonder if Brown might have given a little more effort had
the game counted.

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