Saturday, August 12, 2006

All the Wright moves

Something is amiss with Manny Wright. Late last week, he was voted our wanker of the week, and we had reservations about it, because he was missing practice for "personal reasons."

Turns out that we may have been right. According to published reports, he is depressed and went off his meds, thus causing him to wig out and quit the team...hey wait a minute. Does this sound like someone else we know? Hmmmm.

Now he and his agent are saying Manny wants to be released or traded. Quoth his agent: "The only reason he wants [his release] is because I just think with regard to the depression issue, being in Miami seems to set him back. Maybe it's the memories from last year or whatever. I just think that he thinks not only for his pro career but his mental health that he would be better off somewhere else. This is nothing personal against the Dolphins because they've been fantastic."

But Saban has other ideas: "Players do not determine what their outcome is relative to their [contractual] future. They should be focused on what their responsibility is to be a part of this team. When guys don't do those things, there are consequences for it, and they don't determine what the consequences are. This is the real world. It's business. You have a job and a responsibility. If you're not capable, we'll certainly support you and help you. ... But if you're not interested in doing that, then we determine your fate. You don't."
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