Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More on Harrington

Matt Millen talked with the NFL about the Dolphins and Joey. You see, Matt thinks he gave permission for Miami to talk with Harrington and "get to know the kid." But, he did not give permission to work out a contract.

The NFL was quick with a comment: the Dolphins and Harrington were within their rights. When a player is given permission to talk with another team, he can negotiate a contract. There is no tampering, and no issues with the salary cap.

Millen still thinks they're wrong, and is thinking about having a lawyer talk with the NFL about it. Need I mention that he and Rick Spielman are great friends?

You see, Millen wants more than the 6th round pick Miami is currently offering. But, Harrington has the upper hand because he won't talk with other teams, and tells them he's going to the Dolphins. And he's owed $4 million in June, so if they don't trade him, he gets rich.
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These ludicrous comments illustrate yet again (as if we needed further proof) that Millen lacks the intellectual capacity to effectively perform the job of president/GM.

Remember that just 5 short months ago, Lions fans wore orange shirts (Bengals colors) to the last Lions home game (against Cincy) protesting Millen's continued employment as GM. Many fans also carried "Fire Millen" signs. His is a record of ineptitude unrivalled in the sport.

So what did that senile old goat, owner William Clay Ford do? That's right, gave him an extension, even though the Lions have the worst won-loss percentage of any team during the Millen regime, and have never come even within sniffing distance of the playoffs during his tenure.

Millen is blaming everyone but the guy in the mirror for his problems, and both he and the Lions are getting exactly what they deserve.

But I don't mean that in a bad way.