Friday, May 05, 2006

Dave's Bitchin' welcomes Marcus Vick

We here at Dave's would like to welcome young Marcsus to South Florida. Please observe the following rules:
  • there are a lot of young ladies here, many of who are over 21; you should choose wisely when offering to buy drinks.
  • there are many McDonalds around, but pulling a gun on someone for no reason is not acceptable; you may only pull a gun if they fail to ask "you want fries with that?"
  • stomping on other player's legs is not acceptable; unless they play for the Jets

    Thank you.

    [editor's note: the sign, of course, refers to Marcus' alter ego to counter his brother's alter ego]
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    Stomping on the legs of Jets' fans is also acceptable. If you also want to stomp on some Bills' fans, that's cool too (they're the ones without teeth).