Saturday, April 01, 2006


The Dolphins had an incredibly busy day yesterday:
The were able to complete a trade of the weirdo even-up for receiver Chad Johnson. Then, Lavar Arrington decided that he didn't need the money, and signed for a minimum salary deal.

Daunte Culpepper revealed he really doesn't have a knee injury, and that was all a ruse to get out of Minnesota. Then, Minnesota traded G CHad Hutshinson (who they just signed as a free agent in a big money deal) to Miami for a 4th round draft pick.

And I hear a few prominent dbs are clamoring to get to Miami today because Nick said he's going to sign the best one to a one-year $10 million dollar deal. Cash. And it will be a competition to see who wins it: a poetry contest, with a public reading!

Yes, and then Rick Spielman and Dave Wannstedt rejoined the team as official garbage collectors.

And in other news, today is April 1st. Have a good one.
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