Sunday, April 30, 2006

Update on Joey Harrington

This story is so odd. Matt Millen doesn't want Harrington around any more. He started working on a trade with Miami, but decided he needed a 3rd round pick or better to send Harrington South.

Miami said "no way" but continued to work on contract paramters with his agent. Ultimately, they were able to work out a contract, and Harrington said he was going to Miami sooner or later, and wasn't going anywhere else.

Trade negotiations continue to drag on, and Miami has offered up a future 5th round pick, or a 7th this year for Harrington. Millen won't have it.

So, Millen opened negotiations with other teams, saying that Harrington can't have a contract with another team because he's under contract with them, and he wants more value for him.

This one, folks, will get ugly. And Millen hasn't quite figured out this draft thing, has he?
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