Thursday, March 09, 2006

The NFL lives on!

Thanks in large part to Paul Tagliabue's impassioned speach about the need for labor harmony, the owners finally came to an agreement about revenue sharing, and were therefore able to agree on a new collective bargaining agreement with the player's union.

At the end of the day, the higher income owners will be contributing more of their revenue to the overall pool.

Interestingly, the final vote was 30-2, with the two dissenting votes coming from Buffalo - they seem to oppose everything, but who cares? Its the Bills, after all - and Cincinatti - who have a beef with the NFL over a "loan" to build their new stadium that has yet to be repaid...

So, the NFL as we know it lives on. Most owners finally realized that it was necessary to keep the fans - those who generate the revenue - happy.

Now, free agency begins. Okay, so it actually begins on Saturday morning. Still, the Phins have a little cash to spend, and may be able to get a few of the players they want.

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