Tuesday, March 14, 2006

At least they have a QB.

The Phins really wanted Drew Brees. So much so that they flew to Alabama to meet with him before he went to New Orleans.

He met with the Saints and then came here. Miami wined and dined him. And in all likelihood had him checked out by the various doctors they have on the payroll.

And in the end, Drew said he wanted to think it over for a while, because this decision was for the rest of his football career. And as he thought, the Phins traded for disgruntled Daunte Culpepper.

It was a bit surprising, because they gave up a 2nd round draft pick. I mean, that's what the previous management gave up for a 3rd team QB (Feeley) a few years ago. So, I guess we could assume that Culpepper is no better than a 3rd team QB, then?

If I were to guess, I would expect the shoulder injury Brees suffered was more of a risk than the knee injury Culpepper suffered. A knee injury doesn't affect the way you play QB. A shoulder injury does. Just ask Chad Pennington. And Brees' quote that worst case he couldn't play this year certainly made me do a double take. I can only imagine how the team felt.

So, Miami has a new QB. And an old QB. And they both wear #11. Who gets to wear it? Maybe they'll share it?

Photo from NFL.com
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