Friday, February 17, 2006

Cecil Collins in the news

One of the previous owner of #34 was the subject of an interview on a local TV station this evening. "The diesel" is in prison until 2014 for his arrest - while on probation - for breaking into a woman's house and "watching her sleep."

I gotta say, the guy is reasonably well spoken, has an engaing personality, and a winning smile. And he's *almost* believable as the unlucky and unintentional "victim"...until you realize that there is a clear pattern of exposing himself, and, in various ways, assaulting women.

Overall, I've got to wonder if its something in the #34 Dolphins uniform that brings out the unusual characters.

Hmmm, who else wore that number?

Ron Sellers, Jim Braxton, Don Testerman, Nuu Faaola, Tyrone Braxton, Tim Jacobs, and Ron Moore, each of whom lasted a year.

Thurman Thomas wore it for one year. And his only unusual characteristic was losing his helmet. Oh, and beating the Dolphins, of course.

Travis Minor wore it for a year, but wisely changed numbers after that.

And then you had Tony Collins wearing it for a year. There's another guy with an unusual personality. He had a decent career in New England, got cut, came to Miami for a season, and then was out of football for a short time. But, he wound up in the arena league, and then tried to drown himself -alledgedly - by driving his car into a lake.

But, you also had Aaron Craver wearing it for a couple of seasons, and he stayed clean. And Woody Bennett wore it with some success in the 80s. So, I guess its not all bad.

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