Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dave’s take: a couple of thoughts on this weekends playoff games

  • I was pulling for the falcons to get back to the Big dance and get a shot at redemption. But it wasn’t to be. 
  • On the other hand, good to see jay ajayi be a key contributor to the eagles as they head to the conference championship. He’s got a chance to show the dolphins just how badly they screwed up. 
  • While the titans looked promising for maybe 10 minutes, was there really a doubt the patriots would win?!
  • On average, the home team in this round wins 75% of the games; meaning that one of the 4 teams has a chance of losing. Who would have thought it would be the steelers?
  • Blake Bortles was much maligned. But he’s clearly the best pro QB in Florida right now; and that probably won’t change anytime soon. Don’t count him out. 
  • Does anyone know who bortles backup is? Chad henne! So that means that henne has been to more conference championships than anyone on the dolphins, through 3 decades. 
  • And the Vikings. They have a chance to be the first home team to ever play in a super bowl. I’m so pulling for that!
  • BTW case Keenum signed mar 31. And nick foles mar 13. The dolphins could have signed either of the two backups starting in the conference championships. Instead they hitched their wagons to tannehill and then signed cutler when the chips were down. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Update on the coach who quit after snorting a white substance

Good to hear that he’s on the road to recovery, assuming he’s not simply deciding himself....

‘Divine intervention’: Former Dolphins assistant says cocaine video got him on the right track - The Washington Post

Friday, January 05, 2018

Sophomore Slump

Adam Gase has the potential to be the best coach the Dolphins have had in quite some time. This writer thought that owner Stephen Ross had finally acquired some "football savvy" when he hired Gase two years ago. In a division marked by defensive-minded coaches, Gase came in with offensive credentials for an outside-the-box approach to turning around the Dolphins' fortunes.

The novelty of turning around a dismal start in 2016 to make the playoffs has diminished in 2017.

Gase's NFL history is that of offensive coordinator at Denver and Chicago. He did well enough to merit the promotion to head coach with the Dolphins. His insistence to remain in this comfort zone is stunting his development as a head coach.

There's a reason why most NFL head coaches don't call plays. Their job is to make sure the machine is running powerfully and efficiently. They hire mechanics (coaches) to adjust the the nuts and bolts to keep the players well-tuned. A head coach maintains a philosophy that instills confidence and performance from his workforce.

Gase has to learn how to be a head coach and let his staff do their jobs. His job is to make sure that everyone understands their responsibilities and performs them to his satisfaction. If that means he has to take a step back and look at the big picture, then so be it.

Adam Gase, head coach of the up and coming Miami Dolphins.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Breaking down the owners comments

Here’s what Stephen Ross had to say after Sunday’s loss - and my snarky comments:

“It’s a new year. We need it.”
He’s right. Hope springs eternal again! And everyone is undefeated in 2018!

But what is it we need, exactly?

“I’m terribly disappointed,” 
With the outcome? The gate receipts? In the salad you had for lunch?

“The season didn’t start out right with injuries...”

It didn’t start out right. There were injuries, which are out of your control - but in the case of tannehill, that rests squarely on the coaches. He didn’t have surgery (his choice), but the team did less than nothing to prepare for him possibly getting hurt again, say signing or drafting a new guy; and then lured an average QB out of retirement for the season. That’s all on the organization.

You had Irma which is really out of your control, but look at what happened: the players seem to have grown antsy and drifted (rather than coming together), one player just left and flew home, and a coach found an escort and did things he shouldn’t have. Again that’s on the organization.

This was a time for coaches to lead, to come together, and to not do stupid things. But I’m assuming Gase had no control over the team.

“...and you can’t replace good quarterback.”

And no. You can’t replace a good quarterback. But you can replace a mediocre quarterback, but the team chose not to. Perhaps his injury hurt, but the clubs response to it was predictably amusing. 
Looking forward to next season, there will be adjustments...”

What sort of adjustments? Another sham committee? Another ted wells investigation? Another silly meeting where you and the coach and gm sit there and sing kumbaya? Or changes to something at the stadium?

“...You put as much as I put into a team...”

What have *you* put into the team? Yes you fronted the money for stadium improvements, but that’s cosmetic and doesn’t affect the team - and you’ll recoup the money. And yes, you told the team to spend money on players - but there a salary cap, and floor... and you moved within it. But then, you kind of had to, based on league rules.  It sounds nice to say you told them to spend, but it’s a small window.

“...and you try to do all the right things to win...”

Like...? Okay you committed to the coach and the gm. And I suppose the process. But the culture has been damaged since before H Wayne sold the team, and I can’t see what you’ve done to repair it. If your hands off approach worked, that would be great. But it hasn’t worked and there’s some culture problem that can’t be easily fixed with words, or new screens, or premium seating.

“ can you not be disappointed?” 

You’re the owner. That’s fair. But unlike fans who look perplexed at this organization over the last decade, you could do something. Turn that disappointment into something positive!

“I (expletive) hate losing. Excuse me.”
Of course you do. And you can be excused for that emotion. But you can’t be excused for what’s going on - and will probably keep going on until something changes, or dare I say?, you sell the team.

Then he went on to say that Coach, gm, and vp  will all “definitely” be back.
“I have a lot of confidence in Adam and the way Adam, Chris and Mike work together,. Adam is really a good football guy, and I believe in him. He’s as disappointed as I am. I talk to him a lot and I think he recognizes we need to make adjustments and I think we will.”

Alrighty then. Things will continue on this course next year. Maybe they catch a break and get 9-10 wins again. But until that culture changes and the team gets a QB, it will be more of the same. 

Monday, January 01, 2018

Dave’s take: well, that was weird

6-10. A very flawed team.  There are so many holes on this roster, that it’s hard to know what their biggest problem is.

And some might say that gase is a decent coach who deserves another year, but after hearing about coaches being fired just after their teams played, I can’t underatand why gase isn’t on the hot seat.  IMHO, he often looks lost, or perhaps a little clueless. He is supposed to be this offensive guru, but the team scored so few points, you have to wonder what the hype is about...aren’t coaches supposed to make the most of what they have? Him calling plays probably hurts more than it helps.

And today, frankly, he lost control of the team.  That stupid fight was just that.  And his argument with Landry last week showed how he doesn’t have the authority he thinks he does.

Why anyone would pay good money to see the dreck they put out there this season is beyond me.  They underwhelmed week after week.  And I can’t inagine next year will be better.

Oh sure tannehill comes back, but if you’ve read my ramblings, you know what I think of him *cough* awful *cough*.  And anyway, he wasn’t going to help this team if he was there.  Maybe he could help the team get one, or on a good day, two additional wins.  That would put them at best at .500. Not good enough.

And then there’s the money.  He’s due somewhere around $20mil next year, and suh is due $26mil.  That’s 25% (or so) of the projected cap.  On two players. And Landry is due for a contract that will pay him $10-$12 million, which is going to be another 6% or so of the cap, or in all over 30% for three players.

So I would guess based on the money, his ejection, and how he gets along with gase that the most productive offensive player has played his last game in Miami. No way can Miami afford Landry and field a decent team,

And that brings us back to gase.  Honestly, do you want him and tannehill, with no Landry,  or Landry with neither of them? Take the productivity!

Game 16 looked like a preseason game...players you’ve never heard of playing hard to catch on somewhere.  Too bad it was an actual game that could have been played for the pride of knowing they could knock the bills out of the playoffs.

So the best you can say about this season was: At least the dolphins can still say that they’re better than the browns ...

Monday, December 25, 2017

Dol-Fans Hopes Shift To 2018

Par for the course. Why expect anything to be different in Kansas City?

There would be no Christmas miracle for Dol-Fans in 2017.

No surprise gifts under our tree. Just the regular batch of undershirts, socks and sweaters.

Even though both Buffalo and Tennessee held up their end of the bargain, the Dolphins played their usual disappointing game yesterday.

Putting the proverbial fork into our turkey of a 2017 season.

It's done. Long gone. So sad.

Just truly sad.

This team just couldn't get out of its own way. All season long.

They just continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

How many stupid penalties does one team have to commit before they stop doing it?

Clearly, the 2017 Dolphins have more to give. They have not reached their limit.

4 defensive holding calls lead to points.

Another bonehead unnecessary roughness penalty sidetracks another scoring drive.

Unnecessary. Could anything have been more aptly named?

When will it finally sink in?

Could they just be idiots?

I am serious. Stupid idiots.

This team has all the talent to get into the playoffs but somewhere along the line they must have played too many quarters without a helmet.

I just don't understand what they are thinking about.

Forget the two drive killing fumbles and array of missed tackles for a minute.

Yesterday's game was a microcosm of our season.

In it for a while until our better nature prevails.

Until the shoe drops or the gun goes off pointed at our feet.

Oh well. Gotta draft smarter players.

Gotta find guys with an IQ above 10.

They are out there. Look at everyone else's roster.

Nobody can be as stupid as we are. Nobody.

So Sunday we hang our hats on being spoilers.

That's our possible shining moment now.

No winning season, no playoffs, no chance.

Just try to knock out the Bills.

Who even cares?

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dick Enberg

We pay our respects to long time broadcaster Dick Enberg, who passed away.  Dick was always part of NBCs #1 broadcast team (for a long time with Merlin Olsen)...and when the dolphins were relevant in the 80s until the mid-90s, he was often heard doing dolphins broadcasts.

I saw this tribute and wanted to pass it along.  Bravo Chippewas, bravo.