Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The most absurd stat line

Tom Brady is 7-9 all time in Miami.

Against all other teams (and Miami when they play in New England) he is 196-49.

That's just weird.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Gase Shows No Class Calling For Needless On Sides Kick

I don't care if you are trying to best a good friend as in Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph.

But when you are up by 22 points, with 10:29 left, against an under manned opponent, why in hell would Gase call for an on sides kick.

No Class At All. None whatsoever.

 You only risk your players getting hurt from retaliation.

And believe me. None of those Broncos will soon forget this.

They will use it as motivation at some point in the future.

Maybe when we need one more victory to get into the playoffs.

Just stupid. Plain old stupid.

But hasn't that been par for the course this season anyway.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Dave's take: QBs, coaches, and college football

I watched as both Miami and Alabama got knocked off this weekend.  And something struck me about both of these games.

I've long said that the QB & coach combination is one of the more significant factors of the success of a football team.  And IMHO, that was the case this weekend against higher ranked, undefeated, and arguably "better" teams.

In the Miami game, Pitt coach Narduzzi told his team they could win, and at 4-7 this was their bowl game.  He told ABC and the world that they would win when interviewed at half time.  He was enthusiastic and these didn't feel like mere words.

Then, he started a freshman QB who hadn't played at all this year, and let him play the game.  He didn't hold back and have him run a conservative offense, rather he had him throwing, making reads, running, and even passing when "convention" said to just run because the situation favored it.

And the kid did great. The team won and #2 went down, in a fairly resoundingly defeat. In spite of interceptions and a good defense. As they say fortune favors the bold.

In the Alabama game, Auburn coach Malzhan got his team motivated to play.  They had previously beaten #1 Georgia and believed in themselves. They all knew they could win and defeat another #1 team.  He coached well, and kept them motivated and never let up.

His QB, Stidham, was at Baylor and in his freshman season was the starter and the got injured; then left after the sex scandal.  He became a sophomore starter at Auburn, and was left to play a good game with limited restrictions as he had throughout the year.

And of course they won.

The broad point is that the right coach and QB can make all the difference.  You need the guy who can coach well and trust in his players. And a QB who gives it his all.  And sometimes you have to put your trust in the young guy, regardless of conventional wisdom.

And the wrong or mismatched combination leads to lack of success. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dave’s take: Player treatment by the dolphins (and the NFL)

Late in the preseason, Jarvis Landry found himself accused of domestic abuse. The dolphins investigated and found no wrongdoing and didn’t take any action. And as far as that goes, whatever.

But a video surfaced last week that shows the incident, and I have to ask, is it any worse (or better) than we saw/heard from Ezekiel Elliot, who got suspended for 6 games?

But he’s a contributor in a contract year, and by all accounts, a good teammate.

Then you had Lawrence Timmons who simply up and left the team during their extended bye early in the season. He was admonished and suspended for a couple of weeks, but is still with the team. Why? Because he’s a contributor, and by all accounts, a good teammate.

Then you have Jay Ajayai, who recovered from a team infraction last season and was a solid contributor. He didn’t do anything off the field that caused a stir. But he was - according to the team - a bad teammate because he complained about not getting enough touches and so was traded.

It felt almost like a “how dare you question the coaching staff?!” Moment. This is the kind of thing I would expect from players. They are being competitive  and fired up.

And then yesterday there was the Rey Maualuga story. He was out of shape and took a while to get into the flow. Then he gets arrested, and without even a second thought, he gets cut. 

So he wasn’t a contributor, I guess? 

It’s up to the team and the coaching staff to decide how to deal with players and their conduct. And we have no clue what happens in the locker room or their private lives. 

But as a casual fan, it feels sort of haphazard, like there’s no real policy - just gut feelings and unusual decisions. 

I mentioned Elliott for a reason, because the patchwork of player conduct rules extends well beyond the dolphins and into the nfl more broadly. It seems like there should be more rigor around the way players are treated so it doesn’t appear this way. 

Every team wants to win and stay out of the news for the wrong reasons. I get it. That’s why kaepernick is toxic; signing him would bring more media attention for something beyond football. 

But the nfl is extending its image problem. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that it’s time to move on from godell as commissioner. Time for someone else to help set up a policy that keeps young players in check, while allowing them to use their platform and social media to promote themselves positively, along with their causes. 

That’s my two cents. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Miami Dolphins, the.....players from Miami

Been reading all the comments and the few contributions we get these days( I think because nobody knows what the heck to say?  It's beyond infuriating ); I have all kinds of reasons running through my head as to why this is/has/will continue to happen.

Cheapest:  Sometimes I think our local media hypes us up so much with positive articles and such?.?.?.

Thought: Said this before in an article, and have heard commentators talk around/about it in different ways; but I do feel we were not as good last year as our record showed.  "A win is a win!"  Hey, that's great for a coach in a post game speech when Pisarcik hands off....I mean fumbles the a hip I think(??) into Herm Edwards hands for a last second TD, victory, play that will be remembered as long as...???  Anyway, Miami had how many wins last season, not as dramatic as a game in NY(or in a Garden state stadium shared by 2 NFL teams located in New York) that really could have gone either way??  And going along in a season, momentum  can build just like it can dwindle in the wrong direction.
The point being, we were not as good as our record showed.  Maybe that Baltimore game(LAST YEAR....well, any year) should have taken more importance by the fans than just the NFL experts.  Should we have won at SD?  The Jets game I wrote off as repercussions from what Trump said, Kap not being signed, the kneeling players, all that stuff.  I was wrong!
Our other 3 victories!  Should we have won those??  We won them almost in the same fashion as last year.

Thought: Carrying on, when we lost our starting QB, who is better than Matt Moore, then lost our 2nd round draft pick & starting MLB, then a CB that was improving each year, our starting LG for 1/2 the season; resigned a very good Tackle in his prime, but questionable at RG last year to play next to a RT that has been questionable his entire career(he has had some good games here & there, but I think better served as a back-up=James).  Back to the left, traded away a pro-bowl LT for our gas mask sneak pick of the first round.  Ending with what some say is the BEST CENTER in the NFL, or at least the BEST LINEMAN on the Dolphins.  But are you playing this week??
So then we sign a QB that quit in a game to get to the SB; granted a grade II mcl sprain can cause discomfort and probably fear playing against DL's the size of......big guys. But I seriously think the QBs that have that FB fever, like Favre, Marino, guy from NE, many, many more would not take themselves out in a game to get to the SB.  On a personal note:  I tore an ACL & MCL, plus other damage on one play.  First off, you have no control over the bottom portion of your leg(I didn't). If I tossed over in my bed, my body came, the lower 1/2 of my leg remained.  And that kind of pain starts from the minute your body comes out of shock, or your whole leg stops tingling from some of the innate pain relievers our body has.

Personally, I didn't care much about the trade of Ajayi.  There are few great RBs in the league anymore.  And they usually have OLs in front of them that allow them that first burst that enables a RB to cause misses down the field.  Plus, they don't seem to last very long.  Play that position your entire life and your knees are quickly going to get older than the rest of your body.  I know everyone can name this RB, or that RB and so on and so on.

Watching 18 years of futility is very frustrating. 

Thought: And I know a lot of you already think this but will only mention it lightly.  Because all the big money goes to the QB, the WR's, DE's, RB's, CB's, LB's:  Winning teams have great OL's & DL's, PERIOD!!  Reality really hit me about this team during the New York game.  When Cutler went down, I think it was Julius Thomas that stayed there & tried to see if he needed help.  Not "ONE" Dolphin OL came to his defense.  And it was a LATE HIT!!!!!!!!!!!  Any other QB gets hit late and often a fight starts out.  Not Miami.  After watching that, I gave up on this team reality wise.  I knew I would still support, cheer, watch, be a devoted fan.  But I had no more thoughts on this......on the 2017 Miami Dolphins achieving anything.

TEAMS, NFL TEAMS that have losing records and not much to play for unless it's a contract year, become SPOILERS.  AND they enjoy it, you can see it.  But that is regulated for TEAMs!  That's not what we have in Miami.  Worse!!  They are far from out of the playoffs in a normal year.  These players that wear the same uniform, the Miami Dolphins, they ain't going anywhere!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dave's take: well that was an ugly stretch

As usual, I watched very little of last nights game.  But since it was on prime time, I had it on for a while, because, hey, it's football.

The dolphins ended their three game prime time run in the same way they started it: by getting blown out.

And it underscores the fact that this team is just bad. All week, I heard that Gase had it figured out, and it was coming together.  But in Gase's words, all I heard was a combination of things stated very much like the last few coaches. From "they gotta learn from their mistakes" to fist pumps for field goals to "its players, not coaching."

Maybe he should start David Fails just to make a point about failure being an option.

If I were Stephen Ross my first call this morning would be to Mike Tannenbaum "hey mike, I hear it's all players and not coaching, so go out and find me some new players...and while you're at it find me a new person to replace you."  Then it's on to Gase "hey Adam, you coached a helluva a three games. I'm sorry I couldn't stay awake to watch the games; they sure cured insomnia. So what's your plan for today? Might I suggest you go golfing because you don't work for me anymore."

And everyone in between can go too.  Then, another call to one of these brokerage firms "yes, I'd like to sell the dolphins.  I think it's clear that the bigger problem is me."

Honestly, the only way to improve this team is to start over.  There's no sugar coating this, no explaining it.  It's another disaster in a growing line of bad seasons.  And now the hurricanes are good, so there's another team for people to focus on, making the dolphins irrelevant.

Enjoy your off-season dolphins fans.  It started with the chargers game in week 1.

Here are some tweets that sum it all up.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Where is everyone at!!????

This team hasn’t been called by Jon Gruden:

Offensively challenged.


A mess.

And it’s all true! Hahahaha

A pick on our side of the field with less than a minute to go PLUS an unsportsmanlike penalty!

Time to tank for a franchise QB in the draft! This season has been over for quite some time already.

Another spanking is in the works for the 3rd time on national TV. This team
Does not deserve to be on prime time. Anyone who thinks so is a fool.

Anyone for a prop bet on how many more times we see a bubble screen??!

Enjoy the rest of this thrashing!

Good night