Tuesday, October 06, 2015

New HC Campbell Hopes To Turn The Corner By Changing The Culture

As I watch the videos and read the interviews with new Miami Dolphins Head Coach Dan Campbell, I am starting to believe that he could possibly be the best thing we needed.

He states that the practices were too soft.  The players weren't challenged enough to get better.

Lets face it. For the last 3 weeks we looked about as soft as Dairy Queen.

He says he wants players who push the envelope between clean and dirty. Guys who want to run through their opponent. Nasty guys with a nasty attitude.

Campbell must have liked Richie Incognito a lot because he sounds like his style of player.

Campbell wants tougher practices to create tougher players.

He believes we have a good enough roster to compete in this league but the players have been coddled.

If he can instill some toughness and quickly, we may be able to salvage the season and make the playoffs.

If it takes him a month to toughen these guys up and then they go on a winning steak, then he might just get the interim removed from his job title.

Look at this from the players standpoint right now.  They know there is a very good chance that a new sheriff will be riding into Dodge next season. So whether its Campbell back again or a new coach altogether, they have to put it on film.

They may be Philbin's players but he no longer matters. 

They need to become Campbell's players. And they need to start this week during the bye week which has become Coach Campbell's first mini-camp.

He has 2 weeks to instill some fire and brimstone into this latest Dolphin's roster.

This also has me thinking that maybe Philbin also didn't want an aggressive styled defense and had the shackles placed on Coyle.

Could Campbell direct Coyle to just push the envelope and turn these guys loose on their opponents?  What do we have to lose?

Our base defense was horrible and while every other team was blitzing like crazy we were trying to not get burned. 

Maybe Campbell can not only get more out these players by toughening them up but also get more out of Coyle by giving him more freedom to reek havoc.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

This Explains Everything..


According to NFL.com article above, Philbin had practice players go easy on Tannehill to not ruin his confidence lol many of you probably already read this report but really ? really ? go easy on him ?  and then Tannehill gets pissed at practice players because they make plays on his horrible throws and decisions.  Look buddy blame no one but yourself when you have bad practices.  This just backs up my earlier thread and opinions of Philbin babying Tannehill.  Maybe now with Campbell here the training wheels will come off and he can suck it up put on his big boy pads and take accountability for himself and his decisions.  If he does not improve by seasons end, we know this man is beyond fixing.  Lets hope Ross and the brass don't hold onto him two years too long like they did Philbin.

Rays view

Ross fires Philbin and replaces him with an assistant. That goes s long way to improving the team. We hope. Addition by subtraction.

But there were a couple of things he did that were head scratchers.

For one, he didn't address the coordinators. He brushed off any talk of that, and said that might be considered later. Then he tried to distract us by saying he believed that this team will make the playoffs. That's delusional but he's the owner and his job right now is to sell tickets.

For another, he fired Philbin on the phone. He was with him in London, then they went their separate ways and Ross went back to ny. But Monday he picked up the phone and called Joe. That's not professional. That's not what someone who gave you a contract extension a few months ago does. It shows how little he cares about this organization.

But wait. There's more. He announced the replacement in Campbell. But then told us he's never actually met Campbell. Uhhhhh. He talked to him a couple of times but never met him. He decided on him based on Tannenbaum's input, and because he called Bill Parcells for a recommendation. Because Parcells word means so much (eyes roll)

Knowing that, and how he kept Parcells, and how he hired Philbin a few years ago, I have confidence in his ability to hire the next coach. Do you?

Monday, October 05, 2015

Philbin fired, Campbell to be interim head coach

After a 1-3 start the Dolphins have fired Joe Philbin and sources say that Dan Campbell will become the interim head coach. The whole season the Dolphins have started off slow and if weren't for a Jarvis Landry punt return in week one, we could very well be 0-4. After an offseason in which the media actually had some faith in us and we were projected to make a push for a playoff spot, we end up closer to the number one pick than we are to a playoff spot. The last 4 games have felt like weeks 14-17 for a team that has been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs and not a team in their first 4 games, with on paper enough talent to make some noise. 

Now we move on and see what new head coach Dan Campbell has in store for us. He was our tight end coach this year and previously played for the Giants, Cowboys, Lions, and Saints. Campbell will have 12 games to plead his case to stay at the helm, and who knows maybe he will find a way to turn it around. The beginning of our schedule is the easiest part and with a bye week and with the Titans and Texans on the schedule, maybe we go to 3-3 and the team starts to have faith and goes out and plays hard against the Patriots on Thursday night. To talk about playoffs would be crazy right now but the bright spot in all of this is at least we still have a chance. 

But we very well could lose the majority of our games and end up with a top 10 pick and a new head coach. If that were the case I personally would like to have someone with a defensive mind and I want to return to the days where we were a stronger and meaner team on both sides of the ball. The team right now feels soft in comparison to other football teams in the NFL. But for now lets all focus on the present and there is still some hope, however slim it may be. We have a bye week to correct our many issues, but maybe now the team will play inspired. 

And if it all goes downhill just put Jarvis Landry to coach. He shows the most heart out there and has basically done everything for us. 

Thank You Mr. Ross

Thank you Mr. Ross. You got the firing of Philbin right.

Please don't let it stop there, Coyle should be next up within the business day.

Please get the next head coach right. Don't screw it up.

Phins Up

It's official _

The Dolphins fired Joe Philbin this morning.

And whatever this means to the Dolphins, I'm sure coaches around the league are saying "please don't make me coach in London in week 4!"

The losing coach in that game has been fired basically as the plane is en route home in each of the last two seasons!

Simply awesome

Loved this Twitter exchange! Heathrow's response is brilliant!


I read this morning that the defensive players met with the defensive coaches to express their displeasure. And that Suh showed some disrespect for Coyle by wearing sneakers to practice (I hope they were something ridiculous like converse all star high tops!)

Then I read that there could be a meeting today between Ross and Philbin. And one possible option will be to try and convince Philbin to fire Coyle. Remember that in his contract, Ross gave Philbin complete authority to hire and fire coaches. So Ross (or hickey or tannenebaum) can't make it happen.

Should make for a fun, and moderately uncomfortable, day for the staff.

The reality is that no matter what happens, you still have most of your coaching staff here. And the same players. While a coach might get fired, they're not hiring anyone else's to step in now, and the season is lost, because 10 wins will certainly be required to be a wildcard - and going 9-3, even if this team wasn't dysfunctional would seem like a long shot.

And now to address some comments yesterday that tannekill (intentional) is not the problem, and that the new coach will have to work with him: that's a nightmare scenario. Allow me to explain.

Supposing Ross goes out and interviews. Ross has to tell him some things.

1. He has to lay out the structure. Perhaps the candidate will report to him and tannenebaum. Or maybe just him. Or maybe just tannenbaum. Or maybe the GM figures in there too.

2. What will become of hickey? Will he fire him and gets someone else? Will tannenbaum do it? It seems likely the candidate will have little say over the personnel because that's the GMs job, Most coaches and GMs prefer to work with people they know and that needs to be a known quantity going in. Otherwise who takes that job?

3. Oh by the way, we have tannekill signed to a multi year deal. He's your starter. Period. If you want to know what a circus that would be, look to Washington. Gruden heard the same thing from Snyder when he took that job. How's that working out?

4. We're tight on salary cap because of tannekill and Suh. So you're going to have to build an offensive line in your garage. And we have no third round pick, so good luck.

5. How will Ross be as an owner? We've seen several sides to this guy. But the candidate will have to consider what it's been like over his 6+ years of ownership.

The reality that some of the guys people talk about have been out for a looong time and would only consider a job for ego and money (JJ anyone?)

Most of the other big names would/will balk. A number of assistants would probably balk too. Stay in a great situation as an assistant. Or go to Miami and be the head man? Certainly there will be some who interview, and maybe they get an Arians. But more likely they get a guy like they hired in Cleveland or Houston. Or worse, yet another coach who gives s fist pump when the fins get a field goal.

On the bright side, while football is over a month into the season, the drama - the soap opera that is the dolphins - returns for another year. At least our seasons haven't been boring! I mean think about some of the great stuff we've had to occupy us while seasons go south: wannstedt and his quitting mid season. Ricky walking away. Ricky coming back. Bully gate. Sporanos last year.

As the fins turn. Too bad most of the stuff we talk about has happened off the field, though...

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Enough Is Enough!

That's what Mom used to say when we kids had pushed her buttons long enough and she had had her fill with us for the day.

Enough is enough.

And I have seen it now.


I should have known what was coming when it was announced before today's game that the defensive unit had a meeting to air out their dirty laundry.

That speaks volumes.

That says enough to me.

As a coach, if you need the players to tell you what to do then you are in the wrong profession.

I tried to be positive. I refrained for 2 weeks from contributing here on this blog because, frankly, it would have been redundant.

What could I add to what we all had witnessed in watching our Dolphins get beat by the Jags and then get embarrassed by the Bills?

Only to get gashed once again by the Jets.

Yes, enough is enough.

We could all point fingers at the O Line and the D Line and the lack of solid QB play and dropped passes and missed tackles and on and on and on.

But it all comes down to coaching.  Not just X's and O's but teaching and MOTIVATING!

Yes teaching and MOTIVATING!

Who the heck are these players kidding?

They suck!

I am sorry but they absolutely suck!

There is no other way of saying it.

What is there to sugar coat about a 300 pound player not being able to stay in front of another 300 pound player for 3.5 seconds?

If a tub of ice cream was sitting on a table, I am sure they would find a way to stop some other 300 pound player from getting to it for at least 3.5 seconds.

If their kids were being threatened, I am sure that our D Line would find a way to sack that dude from hurting their kids.

If you truly want something, you will find a way to get it. And most times it is just being willing to run through a brick wall to get it.

But what I see is that this group of players just couldn't give two shits about coming out and kicking some ass.

And that starts with their Head Coach.

I cannot recall watching a team start a season just going through the motions.  That is usually how it ends.

Did Ross, Philbin, Coyle and Lazor bet on the Jags, Bills and Jets?

How could the 4 people most responsible for our current demise not have a clue in how to get the most out of their charges?

Something has got to give here and hopefully soon because if what we witnessed through the past 3 weeks is any indication of how lack luster this season is going to become then it may be time to truly say:

Enough is enough.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Coaching changes

According to the reports, Joe Philbin met with Mr Ross after the game. Philbin called it productive, and hinted his job was safe for now.

Ross left without comment. Of course. He isn't going to fire him until late in the season. And he's not going to comment on "speculation" until then.

And then Philbin went on to say he was not going to make any changes to his staff.

So we are we are. No changes coming. And a pitiful performance from the fins. They are, for all intents, uncoached at this point.

And whatever I - or any of you - think about tannehill is moot.

Look through the annals of coaching changes. It is very, very rare that a new coach comes in and keeps the same QB. In fact Manning at the colts is the only example in recent times. Dungy came in and made no change there.

But in almost every other case, the coach attaches himself to his guy, and discards whoever was there.

So like him or not, tannehill is (thankfully!) gone too.

And I'd like to thank you mr Ross. You've owned the team since 2009. 7 football seasons, including this one. And twice you've held onto a coach a year too long, and basically wasted that season. And the other 5 were all sub par - with not a single winning record.

Here's to hoping (please!) you do better on the next go-round.

Dave's take

As usual, I paid very little attention to the game tonight. I did catch a little early, and saw the tail end before the 1pm games started.

Looked pretty bad from what I saw. I think it's safe to say they were pathetic, and a round of firings should be in order.

What surprised me was how lackluster the dolphins looked...you would think they might show a little pride; and you have to figure that a lot of that is coaching. Bench someone. Cut someone. Do something to get your team's attention!

Or maybe just get the team some new toilet paper, since that seems to have worked for the jets.

On a not quite related note, I saw articles about both teams and their preparation for the game from a logistical standpoint. They both called it a "business meeting" which is absurd. Especially since both teams took care of everything. From passports to airport security to customs to getting them on a bus.

Yeah that's just how business meetings work.

And they made note that many players brought their Xboxs or whatever. For a 72 hour trip.

They are treated like children. And that's amusing to me.

This Is Great Mr. Ross!!

5 minutes into the game.

Jets 7. Dolphins 0.

2 special teams penalties by Miami. 2 consecutive 3rd and long scenarios my the Miami Offense.

1st play of the game by Miami? Bubble screen.
1st play by the Jets? A 58 yard bomb to Brandon Marshall, oh yeah and Fitzpatrick was 2/19 with 3 interceptions of passes 20+ yards down field so far this season. The Dolphins improved that stat didn't they?!

Oh yeah, and the Jets are running all over our defense. Same song, same dance, New dance partner.

3rd Miami possession, 3rd 3 and out.

Oh yeah and did I mention the Miami has fallen behind double digits every week so far??

End of the first quarter. Jets 140 yards. Miami 28. Last week in Buffalo? 39 first quarter yards! Aaaaaaaaaaaaannndddd a sack of Tannehill to start the 2nd quarter! Dolphins now 0/4 on 3rd down.

Did anyone know that the Jets head coach interviewed for the Dolphins job when Philbin was hired! Aaaaaannnnndddddd the Jets D-Coordinator was Miami's D-Line coach?

Did anyone see Koa Misi, the Miami linebacker, covering Eric Decker who is a wide receiver?? LOL, good scheme Coyle!

We are now up to 3, count 'em THREE, special teams penalties halfway through the 2nd quarter. 

We scored a TD! Two pass interference plays to get Miami in scoring position.

Jets RB Ivory currently has more yards than Miami's entire offense. Good job.

Another 3 and out for Miami. No 3rd down conversions so far the entire first half. LOL

65 TOTAL offensive yards for Miami.

Well guys, it's been a fun first half, Miami is LUCKY Fitzpatrick is so inconsistent with his arm or it would be much worse than 20-7.

Mr. Ross, have you seen enough yet? See a trend happening week in and week out? Or are you gonna let Philbin make more excuses?  It wouldn't surprise me if you let him stick around.

Who to replace him on an interim basis you ask? Pick a fan out of the stands, it couldn't get any worse. 

Thank you Jets, Obviously Mr. Ross needed to look like a more of a fool than he already does. Let's just hope you guys did the job and he grows a backbone and cleans house, like he should have the first time...

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Do You Even Want Miami To Beat The Jets?

with reports that Philbin may be fired if the Dolphins get their ass kicked in London by the Jets, that begs the question....

Do you even want them to win or even play well?

I sure don't. I've seen enough of Philbin and his staff. A win will just prolong his tenure for nothing because Ross is a blind fool...

Go Jets

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Where is the owner?

The fins suffered the biggest loss since he took ownership of the team. And yet he says nothing.

Maybe a lot of owners don't say anything in this situation, but I was kind of hoping Ross might say *something*


I read an article from the Herald by Steven Wine and he mentions that the only player with a sack this year is Jordan Phillips and he was benched Sunday and was told by the coaches that he needs to practice better to earn playing time.  What the hell kind of coaching is that ??  This is my big issue with these stubborn bone headed, ego driven coaches.  PLAY the men who have talent and produce or play to the strut of your ego and lose!! This coaching staff is just so irritating and frustrating.

Worst Quarterback?

Over at http://www.rantsports.com/nfl/2015/09/24/every-nfl-teams-worst-starting-quarterback-of-all-time/ they listed the worst QBs for each NFL team.

Any guesses who they rank as the Dolphins QB?

Ray Lucas?
Cleo Lemon?
Trent Green?

Nope, nope, and nope.

Here it is:
David Woodley was the starting quarterback for the Dolphins team that reached Super Bowl XVII, but they didn't get there because of him. In six seasons, Woodley completed less than 53 percent of his passes and had a 34-42 TD-INT ratio. If you need more evidence, just watch the second half of Super Bowl XVII.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

About the Stadium and Mr. Ross

I got some feedback yesterday regarding my comments about Mr, Ross' stadium and his apparent interest in money and not the community.

I addressed some of them in the comments, but I wanted to talk about the stadium a little more.  Its something I've blogged about rather a lot in the past, so some of you may be familiar with my position on this.

Let me start by stating the obvious: this stadium has existed in that location for more than 25 years, and ostensibly did nothing to build business. Calder Race track occupies (and did occupy, before the stadium) a plot of land a little further north, and there was little development around the stadium prior to it coming there.  And now?  There is a larger interchange to the highway east of the stadium.  And a Wal-Mart opened to the south.  To the west, nothing has changed.

So in other words, the stadium did not bring any economic development to the area.  Period.

The Dolphins did and do hire some number of people to support the team and the stadium.  I will grant you that.  But, by and large the people that work at the stadium are hired on a game-by-game basis.  They work for the day, and go home.  That's not much in the way of creating jobs - though its not nothing, either.

As far as the threat of moving the team, so we should be thankful that they are still here: I called BS on that before, and stand by it.  Joe Robbie got a sweetheart deal in terms of interest free loans, and tax advantages.  H. Wayne (when he did stadium improvements) got some low interest loans and further tax benefits.

That meant that when Mr. Ross bought the team, he was saddled with these items as a part of the team.  He would be on the hook for these loans regardless.  Hence, why he would never actually move the team.

And because of the tax advantage they gained,the Dolphins don't contribute as much as they could (or perhaps should) to the local economy.

Now to the new improvements he is funding himself.  Yes, he is fronting the money.  But (a) it appears as though he got a loan from the NFL for some portion of it (and its hard to know for sure, because that's not in the public record), and (b) being a real estate mogul, he surely found a way to do the enhancements in a way that was the most cost effective.

And the deal he struck with the county pays him for events that come to the stadium.  Estimates I've seen show this to be about $30 million per year, from our tax dollars.  Plus, he's still working on another exemption from the state that saves him money on his tax bill from the state.

And of course, he has the money that people plunked down on new seat licenses, and new season tickets.  He got that money up front, and it helps pay defray the cost of construction.

So, its not quite as simple as he paid for it himself.  Yeah, he kind of did, but he also gets money back from the community anyway.  And in basically 10 years (maybe less), he will have recouped it all from the county and state.

So don't try and sell me on him helping the community economically.  I'm not buying it.

Monday, September 28, 2015

On Stephen Ross

I was having a bit of a debate with some readers about who's to blame - naturally I contend its Ross.

Apparently Armando agrees with my position.  You can read his rationale here:

Ain't no way a guy like Cowher (or established name) will come here if this is how ROss runs a team.  

A winner from the Dolphins?

Maybe these Dolphins aren't winners...but there is one former player who is!

Eddie Jackson who was a two-ish year, somewhat forgettable player in the early 2000s won the food network star

So at least the Dolphins can claim some success!  Live it up!

Daves two cents

I hear the cries that "Joe must go!" and I appreciate the sentiment.  But I think the problems with this team lie higher up than simply a head coach.

If the owner fires him, who does he replace him with now?....and do you trust him to hire the "right guy" the next time?

You may also have noticed the players aren't really playing so well (perhaps its the wrong players?), and there's no real depth.  Sure you can say that it takes time, and Hickey hasn't had enough.  But when you look at well run organizations, you can see it turn quickly in this era of free agency.

How can some teams be consistently good, in spite of roster turnover?

So the issue. IMHO lies with the owner.  Pretty much everything he has done since he came on board has been handled poorly.  Allow Parcells to opt out and still get paid?  How did that work out?  Fly to California and try to hire Harbaugh while Sparano was still the coach?  Bullygate?  Saying he's disappointed but not doing anything?  His relationships with the people associated with the team are all complicated, and he's the ultimate boss to all of them?

These are things that don't happen to owners who truly are invested in their teams.  And their communities.  I go back to him not doing anything of substance here in South Florida.  He expects your loyalty. but doesn't do much in return to earn it.

Sure, he put "his" money into the stadium (yes, I laugh every time I hear that).  And fans love that.  But when you stop and think about it, the one thing it did for him was to increase ticket sales.  Sure, don't go to games as a form of protest.  But he already has sold season tickets and has money from fans.

And then, next season, he will probably have a new coach AND he will be finishing off stadium improvements.  And that may mean some new people will sign up for tickets.  And that means he wins again off the field.

I would (and have) argue that he's happy to own "an" NFL team.  I believe he tried to buy others before the Dolphins became available.  He seems content to be an owner, and who knows if he give two wits about what happens on the field.

So I'm saying the only way out of this cycle is for a new owner to come in and take over.  I doubt he's willing to sell, so that means we're stuck in this cycle for however long he maintains control.

Defend Tnnaehill ?

I want to take a minute and ask this question, because lately I see commentators and analysts defending Ryan Tannehill.  My view is and this has been my view for sometime, he hasn't gotten better.  He's still the same old conservative quarterback who is afraid to take a game in his hands.  He is defended because of his numbers, yes he puts good stats up because he plays safe.  He throws the ball 10-20 yards and completes a lot of those passes which equates to good numbers.  From what I saw yesterday furthers my opinion on my him.  Passes thrown behind receivers, stands in the pocket too long, leads receivers out to dry, and almost every long ball he attempts is overthrown or underthrown.  I've yet to see him throw a pretty long ball.  This may have to do with coaching and the right person can fix him but as far as I'm concerned he's not improving.

Philbin, Say what now?

The fans booed. He was asked about it. He replied "I can see their point."

The guy really, really, really doesn't get it, does he? This is about you.

Just for being that dumb, Ross should have walked and booed him, and made a comment like "get out of my locker room"

Suh, Say what now?

He was asked about his apparent lack of dominance on the field and he replied "that's your opinion" .... Uhhh... 5 tackles in three games. No pass rush. And no real presence on the field. I'd say that it's your opinion that you are actually good.