Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Who is the real Tony Dungy?

I had a smile on my face today when I read about Tony Dungy trying to backtrack on his comments on Michael Sam.  It would appear that based on some of Tony Dungy’s comments in the past as well as recent days that he takes some issue with homosexual football players.  I really don’t have much interest in the topic as a whole.  Some people are for it and some people are against it. What I did find funny was that Tony Dungy quickly started putting out clarifications to what he was “really meaning” after that fact. Which I take as he as him scrambling to protect his choir boy reputation. Why was I smiling about that? Because I am a Miami Dolphins fan.  I remember Tony Dungy using his reputation as a “good guy” to do the John Martin sympathy interview right at a time in which it was very distracting to the Dolphins. He then followed that up trying to sell a book he was involved with writing while talking to Peter King about John Martin to draw an audience to sell said book. It really rubbed me the wrong way that a man with no firsthand knowledge of the situation was being critical of the Dolphins stating that the Dolphins did not have good leadership in locker room.  During that time my opinion of Tony Dungy was that he was using his reputation to comment on a situation he really knew very little about to make money.  So I was probably not all that shocked  that Tony Dungy is again at the center of another controversy.  However, on this occasion I for one was not surprised  when it appears Tony Dungy may not be what he seems.

A followup to my LeBron comment

I was asked several times over the last week or so whether I *really* believed that the Phins can't become *the* team again.  The answer is that I do believe that.  There's an opportunity to carve into the market again, but I think its an uphill battle to become the hot ticket.

My reasons can be summed up with these two thoughts:
(1) There is no one on this roster who is a must-see guy.  A hero.  Someone fans can feel good about.  Sure, Tannehill's jersey is a good seller.  But I am not sure he is "the guy"...he's too quiet and doesn't have the panache or the flashy stats to really help market the team.

and (2) their record over the last decade plus rivals some of the league's worst for the same span of time. In 2001, they went 11-5, and lost a wildcard game. 

Since, they have gone (in order from 2002):

That's  85-107, or a 44% winning percentage.

Couple that with one playoff appearance (also a loss), and I think the luster is gone.  Shula left nearly twenty years ago, and so the Jimm-uh era is in the distant past.  Essentially a generation has been brought up through mediocrity.  Those of us who are old enough to remember Marino in his prime still relish the special nature of that.

But its tough to assume that even a 10-6 record this season would really do a lot to make this team come back into the spotlight.

And that's my reasoning.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Your team sucks

This is great. 
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

LeBron and the dolphins

Miami is a town that loves it's winners. Some might say that many in town are front-running phonies. They love seeing championships but can't be bothered with mediocrity.

The dolphins have struggled with mediocrity and thus attendance for the better part of two decades.

And in the last 4 years, they've had to compete with the Heat and LeBron, and the fact that there were four championship series.

Now LeBron has gone. I can appreciate his desire to "go home" - it shows he's human and perhaps had some humbleness or humility.

But it probably means that the Heat will join the Dolphins, Marlins, Canes, and Panthers as teams to yawn about and see if they play well, have a big moment, or if you want to see the other team play.

And in some ways that may help the dolphins. I doubt they will ever be *the* team again. But maybe they at least get a little more attention for things other than the Martin incident.

But there's still a danger - if one of the other teams gets hot or makes a bold move. Or if the dolphins don't succeed to at least where they were last year. No, they could remain an afterthought.

That's my two cents.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thoughts On Lamar Miller

Has anyone ever wondered if Lamar Miller will have a breakout season other than me? I am assuming Knowshon Moreno will be used sparingly being all the issues he has had. I know that Lamar Miller is no LeSean McCoy but his skill set seems perfect for this new offense.

One of the biggest complaints I have of Lamar Miller is his inability to break tackles. His yards after contact are horrible. Its almost like you can breathe on him and he would fall over. He rarely made it to the 2nd level of defense but when he did he couldnt break a tackle! Yes, I know that our offensive line was horrible but when he did have the opportunites for a big play, he failed.

Now, onto the "exciting" part. One fantastic thing about Lamar Miller is his ability in the open field. And wouldnt you know it??! Bill Lazor's offense loves getting playmakers in space! What a coincidence! If Lamar Miller can be used on more screens and checkdown plays I believe he will have 1000 yards from scrimmage and at least 7 TD's.

 Is this me being overly optimistic or is this thought relevant and achievable??

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Miami's NFL and NBA logo

Since we have reached the least active part of the NFL offseason, why not post a logo of a mixture of the Miami Dolphins and Heat's logos together. Thankfully artist Brandon Hubschman of behance.net/brandonhubschman did just that. Check it out below and tell me what you think, I think it looks really great and the little Heat touch on the S is really nice.

Dion Jordon Just Did The Dolphins a Big Favor

It is safe to say it was a bad week for Dion Jordon. His name and image took a beating after he was caught using PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs). The rumor is it was the drug Adderall which is more of a stimulant than a steroid but who really knows since that is kept confidential. With this comes the question how long has he been doing this and how dependent is his performance on the drug. Only time will tell.  It certainly calls into question Dion Jordon’s credibility as well as his reliability to the team long term.  With that being said, it really is not a bad deal for the Dolphins; in fact some might say this actually benefits the Dolphins.

 I know you are thinking I am crazy. However, let’s take a closer look at the Dolphin’s situation coming into training camp.  As of right now Dion Jordon is a Defensive End that has a unique blend of size and speed making him a good pass rusher. However, he has not shown himself to be able to be an every down defensive end yet. He is more of situational pass rusher that is a back-up to Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon. The Dolphins staff is working with him to learn the position and he is poised to take over for Cameron Wake in a year or two or step in for an injury.   For those of you following the Dolphins right now I think it pretty well agreed upon that Miami is deep at Wide Receiver and D-Line. Miami has A LOT of question still on the offensive line and it is going to pretty much be an open competition in camp for everyone but Brandon Albert.  Miami was dealt a blow to the stability of their O-Line when Mike Pouncey was injured. This lead to them to sign Daryn Colledge to add some depth and veteran experience to the line as the team works on way to fill Pouncey’s shoes for the early part of the season. What this means is the team is probably going to have to cut a player at Wide Receiver  or on the DLine who is more talented than someone on the Oline because they need to carry a player to fill in for Pouncey.  It makes it very hard to not put Mike Pouncey on the PUP even if he will be ready by week 4 or 5.  It also means Miami had to give up some precious salary cap space to sign Colledge. From what I have read it cost about 2.5 million to obtain him.  That means they team is going to have that much less to roll over into 2015. 2.5 Million will get you a solid player in free agency so you can really see the Mike Pouncey injury really comes with a price.

Ok now the Dion Jordon suspension gets announced and from what I understand this is what happens.  Firstly, suspended players are not paid their salary or bonuses during the time they are suspended. In fact from what I researched it looked like the league mandates this.  It appears this number comes in at $800,000 roughly for Dion Jordon. This number essentially comes off the salary cap for the team.  Secondly, while suspended, the player does not count toward the 53 man roster. The player is allowed to fully participate in practice however they are not allowed to play in games on Sunday.  So to sum this up, Dion Jordon’s suspension cut the teams the Salary Cap loss by $800,000 and also freed up a roster spot for 4 weeks.  Dion will be practicing with the team and should be ready to go week 5.  Wow! What perfect timing. Dion can sit out so Mike Pouncey can be kept off the PUP. C Wake, O Vernon, and D Shelby ( 3 very capable defensive ends)  will man the D-ends spots without any drastic impact to what the Dolphins would have been using anyway. And if that was not enough Dion’s suspension will pump $800,000 back on the cap to reduce the hit to sign Colledge hit down to 1.7 million.  Let me know what you think but to me that is really not such a bad outcome for the Dolphins.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

This Offseason....

OK, so now Dion Jordan has tested positive for PED's and is now suspended for the first 4 games of the season. I had high hopes for the kid this season but that is now down the drain. I am a disappointed fan but the silver lining is that defensive end is a very deep group for us. Derrick Shelby will most likely fill in for Jordan and quite honestly, he outperformed Jordan last year by a ridiculous margin anyways. I just dont understand why these Dolphins cant seem to stay out of the news for these negative reasons. Maybe we should have traded Jordan when we had the chance. These 'Fins are worse than riding a roller coaster...

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Miami Dolphins Next Man In

The news Mike Pouncey was having surgery and will likely miss the start of the regular season was a downer this last week for Dolphins fans. However, it could be worse. Buffalo just lost Kiko Alonso for the season. I will admit I don’t know Buffalo’s roster that well, but I am pretty sure that is a big blow to their defense.  In the games against the Dolphins he was very impressive against both the run and the pass. Speaking of Mike Pouncey, the signing of Daryn Colledge would seem to indicate that the Dolphins are going to stay in-house to fill the center position. Although, it is still a possibility they will bring in a veteran center before camp starts.  I do like the Colledge signing from a depth stand point. I feel our tackles have been improved over last season, however, I feel the guard position is much more of an unknown.  We have a guy that could not break the lineup on the worst line the Dolphins have had in years and a guy that only started a handful of games for the Rams. Behind them a rookie small school draft pick. I do like the ability that Billy Turner, Shelly Smith and Dallas Thomas bring to the team. But it is fair to say none of them are battle tested. Colledge gives the team a competent veteran. He is not going to be a dominant guard. But it makes me feel better to have someone we can plug in if another injury occurs or if the current guards are getting eaten up in camp. You just never know when you are going to need the next man to step up in the NFL.