Sunday, December 04, 2016


Can't finish drives. Miss a FG. 2 INTs in Red Zone.

And that was early in the game.

More to follow.

Too many offensive penalties, Too many missed coverages and tackles.

The true insult to injury is their back up QB comes in with over 9 minutes left.

That's how bad we got beat.

Fortunately, we keep our feathers numbered for just such an emergency.

It is only one loss. If the Ravens win their division, the loss won't hurt us directly against them for a wild card.

We have to win out now to have a prayer at 11-5.

And then get some help with Denver losing a couple games.

I know we all would accept losing on a last play FG by Ravens' kicker Justin Tucker a hell of a lot better than this shalacking.

It is what it is. One bad ass loss.

Keep the faith.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Already Out of Control...

And there's no excuse for it. The defense is playing about as terribly as they have all year. If the Ravens are on third down, it's ABOUT to be first down. You can take that to the bank. This is ABSOLUTELY pathetic and they better make some amazing half-time adjustments because this defense is making me sick to watch right now. You could take a giant sack, fill it with dog crap, and fling it out onto the field opposite of the Ravens offense, and it would be a FINE replacement for our defense today... and much cheaper.



Saturday, December 03, 2016

Hey Omar!! Let's All Play Your Favorite Game: Gotcha!!!!!!!!

Let's all play Omar Kelly's favorite game in the world!!!


These tweets were posted by our good friend Omar after the Cleveland game.

We were all a little frustrated, myself included, but these words by far take the cake.

So this Miami team is no better than a 6 win team Omar? Believe me, I am as surprised as you are but who exactly should be sadly mistaken? Me? Mr. Ross? Tannehill? Marino?

ALL WRONG!! No Points for you Omar. YOU should be sadly mistaken for posting that! We all might have been thinking something similar but you take the cake for actually tweeting that out.

"There probably won't be many more victories this season". What do you classify as "many more"? Just one? Possibly more than the 6 you predicted in your tweet? What exactly is "many more?"

The hell with it!! It doesn't matter anyway Omar! You still lose this edition of your favorite game "GOTCHA!!"

Thanks for playing!!

Brought to you by all the people who love pointing out when you are wrong!

See you next time!!

These Miami Dolphins...

So the Miami Dolphins are on a 6 game winning streak and are currently in the 6th and final spot for a wild card if the season ended today.

Ryan Tannehill has been playing lights out as of late with something like a 9/1 TD to INT ratio during this win streak.

I for one was wrong. I thought we had seen enough of Tannehill and was ready to pull the plug on him, good thing I am not an NFL coach! LOL. Can Tannehill keep this pace up? Probably not but I am very encouraged by what I have seen from him lately.

What is the most impressive about this win streak is how we are doing it:

Reshad Jones: Hurt

Brandon Albert: Hurt

Mike Pouncy: Hurt

DeVante Parker: Hurt

Jordan Cameron: Hurt

Dion Sims: Was hurt for most of this streak and recently came back

Jelani Jenkins: Hurt

Koa Misi: Hurt

Xavien Howard: Hurt

Earl Mitchell-Hurt for most of the streak

10 starters....T-E-N!!!!! 3 of them Pro Bowlers

That is what must be done in this league. You must find a way to win when things don't go according to plan. Miami has done that. It has not always been pretty but a win is a win.

Not to mention our defensive backs and line backers are playing very very very well. Those were the 2 major concerns coming into the season and they have easily exceeded expectations.

The team needs to re-sign Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell ASAP. As well as give Reshad Jones the contract he deserves.

Baltimore is going to be a very tall task on Sunday. Their offense has been stagnant as of late. If we can take away Mike Wallace, I think we have a very good chance of coming away with a victory. Not to mention, we have to run the ball as we have been even if it does not work very well. Baltimore's run defense is very good but we have to keep them honest.

This game has huge playoff ramifications. I personally believe that it will take 10 wins to get in the playoffs this year and that night not even bee good enough but the good news is that we are only 3 wins away with 5 to go and who knows, with Gronk done for the year now, the Pats might lose a few more also.

Congratulations Dolphins. We expected to see this competitiveness all year long. Its nice to see that you guys have seemed to turn a corner. Good luck tomorrow!

Friday, December 02, 2016

Tannehill must proof he can get the Dolphins to the play-offs.

    Tannehill is maturing and showing development in his fifth year as the Miami Dolphins QB. It is clear he's playing the best football of his career under rookie head coach Adam Gase, who apparently really is the QB whisperer.

It isn't just that he's playing better he is a better leader and teammate, he's earning the respect and praise from his teammates as well as the media and the fans who a couple of months ago were pretty much asking for his head booing and asking for Matt Moore at our own home stadium.

Now the doubters are being silenced by his play and the way this offense seems to act like an extension of him, what I mean is he he really does have control and command of the offense, the scheme and the playbook along with the power to change the play and adjust protections before the snap of the ball.

So there is just one more hurdle to overcome, and that is to get us to the play-offs. We've been in position to do this before and he could not, but with the changes he has made and the growth he is showing now is the time to make the final jump and become a real franchise QB and finish the season with a play-off birth and quite the mouth of those who would otherwise bad mouth him.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Can The Dolphins Win At Baltimore?

   The Baltimore Ravens seem to always have our number, sometimes it's a close game sometimes it's not, but going back to our last play-off appearance witch was in 2008 against the Ravens the Dolphins have not done well against them.

Yes, they have a 6-5 record and are not looking like a good offensive team, but they do have the number 2 over all defense and they are a very well coached team that will give the Dolphins a run for their money.

The offensive line needs to play like all five starters are playing because nothing is going to be given, and the most important battle is going to be in the trenches. The trenches are where the line of scrimmage and time of possession will win or lose the game for the Dolphins.

With all that been said, I do think that this is a different team than what the Dolphins have put on the field in a long time. They're fighting and not giving up and most importantly they find a way to win the close games.
     I'm expecting a huge game for the Dolphins on defense, not just keeping the Dolphins in it, but possibly winning the game for them. I do believe the Dolphins can and will find a way to win this game.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ryan Tannehill is the Dolphins Most Valuable Commodity

    Watch tonight's game between our rivals for the last playoff spot in the AFC.  It's going to come down to one of these three teams making it, and two watching from home.  And as the Chiefs and Broncos duke out a defensive gem, one thing is clear:  Neither of these two teams can pass against a loaded box.
    The game plan is simple if you want to beat KC or DEN- load up 8 in the box and make them pass. Their defenses are elite, and they may beat you ugly even if you stop their offense, but they will not score much if you dare them to throw.
    San Francisco came in today and dared the Dolphins to throw. Ryan Tannehill put 31 on them. Which means that the Dolphins have something that so many teams don't: a player who can make a team pay if they try a one-dimensional scheme.  None of the teams outside of the playoff chase have that.  And at least two that are in the hunt would love to have Tannehill's arm strength and ability.
    Tannehill may never be a pass-into-a-passing-defense type of quarterback. Or he may evolve into one.  The jury is out. What he certainly is, is a player who can look at single coverage and go to work. For the Dolphins, if the O-line can get and stay healthy, that may be enough.
    We struggled to run today.  And we struggled to defend.  And we came five yards away from potentially losing at home to a 1-10 team.
      This is the NFL and any win is a good win, so long as the team learns and grows.  That said, we won today with only one of our dimensions clicking.  Having a passing game that can carry the team when necessary is something few NFL teams have: Ryan Tannehill is a blue chip asset.

Jay Lopez

Dolphins Becoming Escape Artists

I am dying to find out what Nadomican Suh told Colin Kaepernick at the end of the game after almost snapping his back in half. I wonder if it was Anthem related.

Two weeks in a row for nail biting victories. I am already balding but this one cost me a bunch of what little I have left.

Way too much stress after a 17 point lead with 10 minutes left against a 1-9 team.

A real shame to waste Drake's kick off return.

Frisco showed some spunk and resilience. They never gave up.

We probably let down our guard and soon enough we were back in a battle.

That could've been a devastating loss.

Maybe we are just going through some growing pains. I hope so.

Got to give Ryan Tannehill some props again.
He looked terrific firing that ball around the yard.

Tannehill carried this team to victory. He is growing into a franchise QB right in front of our eyes.

We are going to need him playing well the rest of the season if we are going to make the playoffs.

Parker is the real deal. He made some incredible catches two weeks in a row. Too bad he was just out of bounds on 2 today. That bomb down the middle when he laid out is highlight reel material.

Sims is a beast breaking tackles.

Now I watched Leonte Carroo play at Rutgers and was very happy to see us draft him. If Parker is out any extended time, Carroo can help fill the void. He may not have Parker's leaping ability, but he will catch anything thrown his way.

Carroo won't do anything to hurt us but I want Parker back asap.

I have to wonder how many yards Ajayi would've have against the Niners with Albert, Tunsil and Pouncey in the lineup.

The triple replacements did an ok job. No glaring penalties but no big pushes either. On that screen late in the game they didn't block anybody. They all wiffed.

Our front office has put a decent roster together for Gase and company to coach. So many "next man up"s are stepping in and playing well enough to win. That's impressive.

Tannehill is shutting up the doubters and I was one of them.

I like him, have 3 of his jerseys but, I will admit, I doubted whether or not he could carry the team on his back to victory.

Two weeks in a row has warmed me over.

I always respected his toughness and arm strength and he has been playing so well during the streak, especially during the last 66 minutes of football. So well.

Next week will be a crucial test for us. Going into Baltimore is not easy for any team in the league.

Beating them would put us 2 games up on them and Pittsburg for a wild card spot.

We are going to need everyone playing at their best.

Wow, 7-4!

Who saw that coming after our first 5 games?

Some of you believed though no one knew.

We all are thrilled.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

So Much For The Health Of O-line.

The problem with the O-line is still the same, they just can't stay healthy. When the starters play they are unstoppable, I'm sure if the line played all 16 games together we are a play-off caliber team, but if more than 1 of those guys is out injured, we're going to struggle. 2 or 3 linemen out is too much for a team that has depth problems at that position, too much of a drop off in talent.

I believe with the win streak and the motivation that comes with it and everybody buying into the system and a good pep talk a player will give a great effort, but three guys out that's what I call patch work.

Thank God the defense was able to keep us in the game, and Tannehill who has apparently turned a corner of his own must have really given the offense a good inspirational pep talk just before the last two drives of the game.

I'm still in shock over the fact that we did absolutely nothing for about 54 minutes and manage to escape with the win. Think about it, the fins of recent years would have given up and crawled under a rock and died. Not these guys, Gase has them believing and trusting the coaching staff, put it this way,  I'm a fan and the most disappointing thing of the last few seasons was not finding a way to win the close games and that has been too long an issue that we finally seem to have turned the corner on.

So the starters on the o-line are not all going to be there for the 49ners game, thank God it's at home and that it is a bad team. A plus is that whomever is going to play will get the stater reps in practice that will help and so why not 6 in a row. Like Gase says let's take it one at a time.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Maybe the Most Important Win Yet

Yesterday was not pretty. 54 minutes of uselessness before the Dolphins finally woke up, but it was exactly what they needed when they needed it most, and it came from Ryan Tannehill! I have always been a supporter of his, but the Cinci game was when I really started to wonder if he'd ever get it together and started thinking about who we might be able to replace him with next year.

Well... yesterday he did something that I did not think he'd ever be able to do. At the end of the game, with Albert and Pouncey ("Ow muh hip!") hurt for the eight-millionth time and Tunsil out for the rest of the game, and with a patch-work O-line, he picked the team up on his shoulders and charged down the field against one of the best defenses in the league....and he did it TWICE.

Not to take away from the defense; they kept the team in the game. Just like Tannehill, the defense didn't do anything spectacular, but did exactly what they needed when they needed it most.

The Rams' front seven were nasty all day. Maybe the win would've been prettier if the O-line had all it's starters, but with all those backups in, Tannehill rarely had time to do anything and Ajayi was getting bottled up behind the line more often than I've seen since he became the starter.

We all know what the outcome was so I won't recap anymore, but I wanted to share some things I noticed that were easy to miss if you were too busy staring at the floor and shaking your head.

1. We can survive without Albert. Tunsil is already very good at LT. I only saw one instance where he blocked right to double-team a DT that really didn't need to be double-teamed and the DE went right around his left side and got to the QB, and that could've just been the design of the play. Other than that, he was great up until the injury. We have an all-star LT for years to come. I think we can cut Albert lose unless he's willing to take backup money. The guy is always.... AAAAALLLLLLWAAAAYYYYYSS hurt anyway and I'm tired of it.

2. Tannehill made a bad throw to the end zone that was picked off. I was first. Then I watched the play again... and then watched it again... and I noticed something wrong. He had no out on the play, meaning, he had no "security blanket" or "escape hatch," if you will. It was a three WR set, with all three going deep and everyone else staying back blocking. So, when the Rams were STILL able to get to Tannehill, he had nobody to dump it off to and really nowhere to run. He could take the sack, throw it away (which may have resulted in a flag for grounding), or throw deep to the MOST open receiver. He chose option 3, and honestly, if he had thrown it a little better it would have looked like pure genius. I'm actually going to let that throw slide, because the point of the play call was to go for the jugular immediately after the Rams turned the ball over, which I LOVE. That's what Tannehill tried to do and it just happened to not work out. I put this more on the coach who called the play for not giving Tannehill an out on the play.

3. The defense is MUCH better at tackling and they handle the fatigue of ugly games like this very well. I believe they have the ability to keep us in the game against any team in the league.

This wasn't like the game against the Browns. This was a struggle against a team who's actually pretty good (at least defensively) and the Dolphins, and more particularly, Ryan Tannehill, were clutch... about as clutch as any of us have seen for years. This win was more than a win, it was a message that the Dolphins are not a fluke. They can fly all the way out to the West coast and beat two teams on the road back-to-back. They can play ugly against a tough defense and pull it together at the very end to turn what USED TO BE a sure defeat into an exciting victory.

I know a lot of you are thinking about how we could still win the division championship. I have to say curb your enthusiasm. I'm honestly still not sold that we'll make the playoffs at all this year. We still have some tough games to play and I still say 8-8 or anything better is a HUGE improvement as long as the Dolphins stay competitive in every game.

I do worry about the status of the O-line. Aaron Rodgers is showing us that the elite QBs of the league in fact DO NOT always "find ways to overcome and win even with a banged up line." No support, no playoffs. Period. I don't care who you have at QB.

But we should all be proud of this team and of Adam Gase. Win, lose, or draw, this has turned into a good season and Miami is officially a GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM.