Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Offensive Cap Crap

NFL free agency begins March 9. The Dolphins will be able to resign their own free agents after the Super Bowl.

In 2015, the Dolphins spent 38.78% of their cap on the offensive side of the ball.

8.31% was spent on four quarterbacks. Ryan Tannehill got 7.24%, Logan Thomas(0.41%), Zac Dysert(0.37%) and Tyler Murphy(0.28%).

With seven wide receivers, the Dolphins spent 6.94%. Greg Jennings gets the lion's share with 3.42%, followed by DeVante Parker with 1.54%. Jarvis Landry(0.59%), Kenny Stills(0.42%), Tony Lippett
(0.36%), Robert Herron(0.33%) and Damarr Aultman(0.28%).

On two centers, the Dolphins expended 6.64% of the cap. Mike Pouncey got 6.24% and Jamil Douglas got 0.41%.

The Dolphins' cap hit for two tight ends was 6.40%. To Jordan Cameron went 6.40% and to Dion Sims went 0.49%.

One left tackle, Brandon Albert, gets 6.31%.

Right tackle numbers two players knocking down 1.76%. Ja'Wuan James picked up 1.43% and Vinston Painter 0.33%.

Three guards cost the Dolphins 1.40%. Billy Turner(0.54%), Dallas Thomas(0.53%) and Anthony Steen(0.33%).

The Dolphins allot 1.02% to three running backs. Damien Williams(0.37%), Jay Ajayi(0.36%) and Jahwan Edwards(0.28%).

Pouncey is the fourth highest-paid center. For the guards, dead last in the NFL. Not far ahead are the running backs at third from the bottom. Even the highest-paid, Tannehill, is 21st.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Agency: Sun Life among 3 pro stadiums that qualify for state money - Sun Sentinel

And another attempt to get state money to further enrich the owner.

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Cap Crap

Free agency begins at the conclusion of the Super Bowl. Considering that's less than a week away, let's look at how the Dolphins have spent their cap. We'll focus first on defense.

The Dolphins spent 57.13% of their cap on defense.

Four defensive tackles take up a league high 20.96% of the cap. As you fans all know, Ndamukong Suh accounts for 17.79% of that. The other three are Earl Mitchell(2.18%), Jordan Phillips(0.62%) and DeAndre Coleman(0.37%).

At defensive end, the Dolphins spent 10.77% on four players. The bulk of that belongs to Cameron Wake(6.10%) and Dion Jordan(3.86%). The other two are Damontre Moore(0.44%) and Terence Fede(0.38%).

The five Cornerbacks costs the Dolphins 9.45% of the cap. Brent Grimes accounts for 5.91% of it. The others, Brice McCain(2.18%), Jamar Taylor(0.72%), Bobby McCain(0.36%) and Tyler Davis(0.28%).

The Dolphins spent  9.05% on their five outside linebackers. Quinton Coples leads the way with 4.82%, followed by Koa Misi at 3.03%. The others, Jelani Jenkins(0.49%), Chris McCain(0.37%) and Neville Hewitt(0.33%).

At strong safety, the Dolphins spent 5.38%. Reshad Jones has 5.10% of that and the rest goes to Dax Swanson(0.28%).

Three inside linebackers take up 1.08% of the cap with Terrell Manning, Zach Vigil and Mike Hull.

Walt Aikens is the only free safety and he counts 0.44% against the cap.

Suh, Wake, Jordan, Grimes, Coples and Jones are the most expensive players. These six account for 71.33% of the Dolphins defensive cap space. Suh and Jones are keepers, but questions abound about the Dolphins futures of the other four.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Free Agency

Philbin's gone, BRING BACK RICHIE!

Think I'm kidding? Maybe.

Pro Football Focus has a free agent rating system. These are the top five grades:

1. WR Alshon Jeffery  94.2

2. ED Von Miller  93.3

3. ED Olivier Vernon  92.5

4. LB Jerrell Freeman   90.6

5. G Richie Incognito  90

Except for Jeffery, the Dolphins could use any of the other four. Richie isn't my personal choice for guard because of age and history with the Dolphins. Did he get hosed by the Dolphins and NFL? For sure.

It would be interesting if the Dolphins did bring him back, though. Richie vs. Suh!

What say you?!

About the salary cap

I found a primer on how the cap works, so I wanted to share

My issue with the Suh contract was for the size and length of it. Surely miami will find themselves in a quagmire at some point during the length of his tenure in Miami (or perhaps after)'s nice that they can restructure and help themselves this year. But there's more to it than that.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Suh's monster deal is already causing cap issues for the Dolphins

In case you missed it, here's a piece on Suhs contract. The key information is this:

According to Spotrac, the Dolphins are more than $7 million over the cap for the 2016 season right now. A large part of the reason for that is Suh's $28 million cap hit, which includes a base salary of $23,485,000. That base salary is a massive jump from last year's base of just $985,000, which the Dolphins made that low so they could fit him onto last year's payroll.

Bud Light ad campaign

for those of you interested in such things, here's the release on the ad campaign

The Bud Light Party, a new marketing campaign from Bud Light, steps onto the national stage with a mission to unite modern beer drinkers. Featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, the new campaign from America's most inclusive beer brand will celebrate bringing people together – for fun – over a beer.


The teaser spot announcing the campaign can be found here:

Monday, January 25, 2016

We Can Hang Our Hats On This...We Have No Other Choice

Winding up 6-10 doesn't leave a whole lot to brag about. 

Finishing in the cellar doesn't help either.

But we do have one accomplishment this season that did make a difference in the 2016 playoffs.

We beat the Patriots in week 17 and that put them on the road in Denver yesterday.

Trying to beat an outstanding Broncos defense with all that noise is very, very tough.

So when you see any Patriots fans or anyone else that demeans your loyalty to the Dolphins, you can at the very least state "We did put the Patriots on a plane for the AFC Championship and that made all the difference."

On a side note, I wonder if Bill Belicheat or any of the Patriots' players are second guessing Belicheat's decision not to kick FGs during those 3 trips into the red zone in the final 6 minutes of the game.

I know down by 8 you are trying to tie it up when you can against a very tough Broncos defense. Who knows when you'll get down there again.

And after the first two 4th down failures, the Broncos were just trying to eat clock and willing to punt the ball.

But up by 5 and 2 points, the Broncos would've followed the same strategy by safely attempting to eat clock.

Had the Patriots taken the 3 points in those first 2 trips, they may have won it 21-20 on their last trip.

Could this be the initial kink in the armor of the Patriots?

Doubt is very powerful.

Lets hope so.

A friend, who is a very knowledgeable Pats fan, blamed the loss on Gostkowski missing the extra point. When I mentioned the FGs, she quieted down.

After a pregnant pause, she said "Yeah, we should've kicked those FGs."

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971