Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Observation for 1, 3, or the win!!

 Sunday 19th, 1:11 pm
Messing around on the internet Sunday I lost track of time!  1:11 pm when I looked up. Signed-off, kept power on for scores, turned on my television to the Dolphin's game.  Karma, coincidence; neither actually, just when I turned it on.  Tannehill receives the snap & passes to TE Charles Clay for his 1st TD of the season(2nd if the guys played without helmets).
Caleb Sturgis lines up for the XP & WHOAA!  Man, I thought!  That kick looked as if he was trying for a 60 yard field goal.  Or, he always kick xp's that low & I'm just picking it up?  If all his kicks are that way, & the other team has someone watching a televised version of the game(which every team should!!), it would be easy to block his field goals!  Am I looking for things or did I view that accurately?
 I know this very well could sound like hog wash.  It is not.  EVERYTHING I JUST TYPED happened or was said in my brain.  You don't have to believe me, consider some of the crazy Posts I have turned in!  If possible, re-watch the game, or at least the xp's.  I'm telling you they are lower than I have ever seen & it did come back in play later on.  We got away with it because we played a team concerned with personal achievement. 
Either his xp's are bad kicks/miss-kicks/what ever? But he needs to be told if no one on the Dolphins is aware of this!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Jags Present A Must Win Type Of Game

Not to look past anyone BUT as I look down the line at our next 7 games after the Jags on Sunday our schedule gets pretty daunting:
Chargers (5-2)
at Lions (5-2)
Bills (4-3) Thursday Night
Denver (5-1)
at Jets (1-6) Monday Night
Baltimore (5-2)
at Patriots (5-2)

Without the Jets game calculated our other 6 opponents are 25-12.

And because its the Jets, on a Monday Night, throw out the records because we always seem to find a way to ruin each other's season. Case in point, last season's finale.


Not knowing how the season may pan out for all our competitors, I see 3 games that we absolutely have to win for tiebreaker scenarios later.

Chargers on 11/2. They may not win the division battling the Broncos so we may wind up head to head for a wild card with them.

Bills on 11/13. Say what you like about how we have a better team but they have our number right now and we need to separate ourselves from them in the wild card race as they beat us once already.

Baltimore on 12/7.  Like the Chargers, they may not win their division battling the Bengals so we may wind up head to head with them in a tie breaker scenario as well.

Lets not discount the Jags and Jets because they are conference and division Ws we may need as well.

Even if we lose to the Broncos and Patriots, if we can sweep the others then that will leave us with just the Vikings and Jets at home with only 5 loses and a wonderful opportunity to get into the playoffs.

But it all starts Sunday in Jacksonville with a game we must have heading into this brutal 7 game stretch.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Sunday, October 19, 2014

You're Only As Good As Your Last Sunday

And if that's the case then we are pretty good.

When you control the game and keep the time of possession to almost one quarter in your favor, that's pretty good.

Tannehill proved all of us who have said that you have to start him through this season correct. He looked real good today and despite a few sacks the O Line kept the Bears at a distance.

Philbin pleasantly surprised me when faced with a 4th and 1 after Miller was tackled just shy of the first down and knowing he was going to call a time out to organize the offense before going for the first down, he dropped the challenge flag, killing 2 birds with one stone.

That not only gave us a slim chance of having the spot overruled but it also gave us an extended time out to figure out what we wanted to run.

And run we did, as Tannehill took off on the read option for 30 yards and a first down.

However, with 2:30 left in the game, as we were running out the clock inside the Bears' 20 yard line, I thought Philbin missed another opportunity to use a challenge.

We have the ball 2nd and goal from the Bears' 12 yard line and Tannehill hits Landry who is driven out if bounds at the 1 yard line stopping the clock.

The instant replay from the endzone camera looked as if Landry's knee touched down inbounds before he fell out of bounds.

Had he challenged that and the call was upheld, we would have lost a time out that we really didn't need and the clock was stopped anyway.

But if it was ruled that Landry was tackled inbounds, we could have run the clock down to the 2 minute warning.

I thought that was worth challenging as it would not have cost us anything and given us more time to talk about our next play.

We had too many tickie tack penalties called against us but luckily they didn't come back to haunt us.

So its off to Jacksonville on Sunday and luckily they won today because who likes to play a team who hasn't won yet.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

An Interesting Statistic...

Tannehill's passer rating for the day was 123.6. That is why it is not a shocker that the Phins won today. In Tannehill's time as the Phins QB they are 1 game away from being undefeated when his rating is above 90! ONE GAME AWAY FROM PERFECT! That includes when Mike Sherman was the O-coordinator.

What about when Tannehill's ratting is below 90? I will have to verify this but I think they are something like 4-12. So I think it's pretty safe to say that Tannehill's play is the key to victory or defeat.

It was an impressive win against the Bears and I expect them to continue where they left off next week against Jacksonville.

The really impressive thing will be if they can play this way against the Chargers. I honestly don't know if they can or not. I do know that it will be on Tannehill whether we win or lose.

After such a FANTASTIC showing today, don't screw it up in the next few weeks Ryan...

Phins Up!

The Offensive Crossroads

Today the Dolphins take on the Chicago Bears. This game will feature two teams with a lot of talent, both that are in the middle of the pack needing a win.  On the surface the story of this game is the high powered Bears offense. However, this game is all about the Miami Offense. We have installed the new offense along with some big money into our WR core.  Our team is designed to score points and defend the pass. In this game we face a team with a seriously depleted linebacker core and some holes in the secondary.  Miami is 2-3 and there are a lot of questions about this offense. If Miami is going to make a run, now is the time.  Here is my top 5 watch list for this game. The Dolphins have to be able to do these things today.

1.)    Miami needs to score AT LEAST 14 points in the first half. They have been flat the first half most of the season. Can they have the team playing sharp right away?

2.)    Tannehill needs to play consistent 4 quarters.  He will have matchups he can exploit. BUT can he exploit them?

3.)    GET RID of the horrible short yardage offense. Will Philbin continue to lose games by using a poor short yard offensive set?

4.)    Get Lamar Miller in space. The Bears have a strong D-Line and injury depleted linebacker core. That is an ideal defense to setup some running back screen plays.

5.)    Move Tannehill A LOT. Read Option, Roll Out, Designed QB Runs.  Nothing puts more pressure on a linebacker core than a running quarterback. The Bears are weak at linebacker. The more you move Tannehill, the more breakdowns will occur in run stop lanes and pass coverage from the linebackers.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I guess we shouldn't be surprised

After the game, I was hopeful we might hear something from Mr. Ross, showing fans he cared, and saying more than "I'm frustrated, too"....

The week passed. 

And, we're left waiting.  He never said boo about his team.

What does that tell us?  That he doesn't care?

As a long-time fan, that annoys me.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Is Anybody Substantial(Decision Makers) Listening?

I don't live in or around Miami.  I do see the empty seats at the home games.  What can you make of that?  Heat; Economy; 15-20 years of mediocrity & poor decisions;  More interest in NBA or MLB? 
Several Newspapers still exist in the area.  So there are professional writers putting down their opinion on the Dolphin Team.  I guess what I am trying to say/ask/ find out, is if the true feelings of the fans are heard by Ross or his advisors(assuming a person in that financial group has a lot to do and so he delegates responsibilities)?  I read a few papers from that area to try gage expectations, coaching, all things involved. 
These owners and the exclusive financial group they are in, I have a hard time understanding if they are in it to win? Maybe they know the right things to say & do to make it appear they want a winner, but really are only concerned about the gate?
Who are we complaining to?  Is it just each other?  Does the fan base in Miami feel the frustration we do?  Someone tell me there are going to be changes made; at least a trickle of a rumor!!  Anything!!! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


REALLY??  Are you %$^&%$# serious?  Well, MOM!  Will you please take Joe's Kodachrome away?  Obviously everything looks better to him in Green & Yellow!!

Who is Responsible for This Problem?

I know there are a lot of people pointing fingers as you commonly see after a hard loss. Sure you can rip on Coyle for having Wheeler in coverage; sure you can rip on the last offensive series play calling and clock management.  Of course you can call for Tannehill to be pulled and replaced after playing another lackluster first half. These are all valid things to be upset about and hindsight is always 20/20.

With that being said there is something which I have been commenting on since the loss to Buffalo.  At that point I was just ripping the coaching staff for being foolish.  I was upset because if they had not used such a dumb short yardage set, I thought we had a real chance to beat Buffalo. Then I saw it again in the Kansas City game. At that point I was very upset because it had become ridiculous.  Now here we are again with a loss to Green Bay. This game was so close it was a one play game. Sure if we make one less mistake we sneak by the Packers with a win. Or… We could have went to halftime 10-10 with them and had a two score lead if the game played out the same.  Fans, we had a 3RD and GOAL  FROM THE ONE YARD LINE. Miami ( after failing in Buffalo and failing against KC using a formation that place the Quarterback and Running back in the shotgun with no lead blocking help), we comically lined up in it again at the one yard line. I don’t know what other word to use than comical a this point.  It was STUPID to use it against Buffalo. It was INCOMPENTENT to continue to do it against Kansas City. Now it is just a joke to continue to do it. Let me share a famous quote by one of the most intelligent humans to ever exist on the planet. “Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein.   Yes we had the ball on the one yard line with two downs. The 3rd down call – Pass.  Shakes my head in disbelief. Wait what? We have a team that struggles to stop the run all bunched in tight in the endzone and you are passing on the 1 with two downs? Yep we sure did. Result Tannehill should have had it picked off and got lucky.  I am thinking ok ok you tried to be cute now line up with  extra lineman and either have Tannehill sneak it in or just slam Moreno in behind a load of a lead blocker and push forward.  The 4th down call?  Moreno in the shotgun hand off no lead blocker and run right into the overloaded D-Tackle part of their defense.  Wait what? Of course he had no chance and gets dropped for loss. Packers take over. 

I am trying to understand why they expect fans to support the coaching or the team for that matter when they are doing this over and over. It makes no sense from a strategic standpoint to begin with.  And it has failed repeated at critical moments in the game from an outcome standpoint. Philbin is “Mr Statastic” how does he not see that it has cost him big?  I have tried an open letter to Steve Ross to demand the coaches stop doing it. Obviously that does not help.  At this point I want to know who is accountable for it. Philbin is the head coach so he has to at the very least allow it. Lazor is making the play calls as far as I know so he is either being forced to do it by Philbin or he in some crazy alt world has Philbin thinking this is a good short yardage play design. Does anyone have any ideas on how to at least get them to explain why they refuse to stop trying it? Almost like a large scale organized boycott of the team until this is explained or stopped? It is not just for us the fans but the players as well. They don’t deserve to put their heart and soul into the game to lose because of something so foolish. I am at a loss and don’t know what else can be done other than wait for the coaches to be fired. Anyone with any ideas on how to get their attention on the matter please let me know.  Not to sound to awful but I am starting to wonder if there was a reason Philbin did not call the plays in Green Bay.  Wait maybe I should sound awful on Philbin. Lets vote for the biggest Philbin Fail.

1.) Philbin Unaware of Bully Gate
2.) Philbin Allowing his rookie QB to be scouted on HBO to give the Texans and open season advantage
3.) Philbin allowing Sherman to use a snap count so basic the Dline knew it was run if the QB said Go and it was pass if he said GO GO
4.) Philbin going to a shotgun formation on 1 yard to go play failing to covert them over and over.




Monday, October 13, 2014

Who would you rather have?

I'm watching the rams play with their qb, Austin Davis. He's doing well enough and is still growing and learning.

John Gruden spent some time before the game talking this kid up.

And then of course, they had to tell us that he. Was. On. The dolphins. Practice squad.

Don't you wish the staff had seen his potential? I mean who would you rather have?

I sure wouldn't mind him coming in for tannehill.

Aaron Rodgers

The amazing and astounding Aaron Rodgers has absolutely DOMINATED the espn news cycle today.

Everyone is talking about how amazing the endgame was, what a great player he is, and of course how Miami kind of blew it.

As I noted yesterday, I didn't see it. But as more a "football fan" than dolphins fan, I would have probably enjoyed it - I certainly enjoyed the replay.

That's not meant as an insult in any way, it *was* incredibly dramatic.

When We Drafted Tannehill

This one image keeps popping up in my mind when I think about the day we drafted Tannehill.

They showed the Dolphins war room and Ireland had just picked Philbin's first Dolphins player in a draft.

Ross, Ireland and Philbin rose from the table and there were no congratulatory pats on the back. Not even one big smile could be found on any of their faces.

Philbin stood up and let out this huge deep breathe which gave me two impressions:
1) He knew he had his work cut out for him
2) Tannehill wasn't the guy he wanted to hook his wagon to

If Tannehill was his guy, Philbin would've been pretty excited.

Today, as we all call for both of their heads, that image of Philbin letting out that gasp of air haunts me.

Maybe, just maybe, Philbin doesn't like any of the QBs he is saddled with but needs another draft to get his guy.

Unfortunately for him, he may not get the opportunity.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

"Suck For The Duck!!!"

The Dolphins may win a few games this season but two things are apparent.

One: Tannehill is not our QB of the future

Two: Philbin is not our coach of the future

We are sitting on only 2 wins, its not to late to hope for Marcus Mariota from Oregon! Look how that worked out for the Colts!


The fake spike

I couldn't believe that Aaron Rodgers pulled a Marino and ran an effective fake spike to setup the winning play.  He caught the Fins napping...

How embarrassing for the Fins.  Especially since Rodgers said after the game he called it on the fly. Now there's a guy who *could be* mentioned in a conversation as the next Marino....

And to think he could have been a Dolphin with that #2 overall pick they used on Ronnie Brown....