Friday, June 15, 2018

Too Long; I'll Make it My Opening Statement

As soon as I saw Marino Worshiper, I knew what this guy was about.  He tried to get an interview with Tann at some point: after a bad loss, after his 2nd knee injury he probably walked up and said: "So Ryan, are you second guessing on not having surgery after the Cardinal game?"
Or, being a Marino lover, I bet he saw no game in Jay Fiedler.  Gave/gives no credit to Chad Pennington because PSI-man was hurt that year; and since he haven't...surely means hasn't forgiven Saban, Gus Ferotte did nothing special to win the final 6 games of that season and only be kept out of the playoffs by %, or some inter-league win-loss combo with another team??
Joshua, I am shocked you went as low as you did when you included a person with Tourette's as one of your Tannehill bashers.  And a players' wife at that.  The others: Jennings really did come to Miami to end his career. 19 catches!!!  I'd be blaming everybody as well if I played in all 16...ALL 16 GAMES AND CAUGHT ON AVERAGE, 1.18 CATCHES PER GAME.
Pounce, he has to say that stuff for the coaches, fans, media, & most importantly himself.  If he plays more than 5 games I'll be amazed!!  Same with Landry, he's gotta say that stuff so you can have a job. What does that mean you ask?.?.?   How about:
"Social media issues are drowning the Miami Dolphins..."  I've always wondered how that stuff happens??
The thing that always amazes me is the fact that anyone can criticize an NFL QB.  There are only 32 in the world that start each week.  32 out of 8-9 Billion.  What other job has that type of %?  President?  There are more than 32 countries.  Plus, the other 31 teams have either a city or a state as their main fan support. $$$
And then there is that 1 team that represents a 6 state area! What was wrong with their original name? 6 STATES????????????????????????????????????? Is there a financial difference between 31 teams with 1 city or state & 1 team with 6 states of reps?? Sorry to  change subjects so quickly, I've got a little of Miko in me.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Can't Seem to Stop Thinking About Miami?.!?.!?.!

Usually by this time of year, almost mid-June, I have taken in the positive draft class articles, & compared them with the negative draft class articles, coming up with my ALWAYS OPTEMISTIC "glass half full"  opinion of how the 'Phins will fare this year(slipped my mind; minus the years Mr. Excitement Joe Philbin was our coach & seemed to have a major issue about playing rookies. Or his opinion of the players was....not worth elaborating).

I have never taken a lot out of the minicamps other than always wanting to hear our QB is doing well.  So in years past, right around this time, I would more often than not have frustrating/aggravating evenings that closed with ESPN SC informing me the Cubs had slipped another whole game behind the Cardinals, or the Phillies, the Mets, maybe even the Expos.

That's some time gone by though!  MLB has tried, like the NFL, to....I'll say it, make more money with an increase in teams, divisions, hence playoff games.  Who knows if the game time(length of a game in hours & minutes) will ever be a problem that can be solved?  With me, I believe the entire issue has fallen handicap to our way of life.  So many different angles to attack; how about there are not enough hours in a day?  For me, the worst is the awful situation of when a person allows greed to take over their entire focus of life.  I know too much about this subject because it has happened to me.

When we say greed, most often people think of money.  But it is not only money.  It becomes a selfish lifestyle where a person is concerned first & foremost about satisfying his/her need, and in affect having the helpfulness of others shrink and shrink until so many forget about it at all!  Helping others!  I know I came to this in an odd way, or some might think a "holier than thou" way.  You'll have to trust me on that one, it's not possible. 

Anyway, if you can believe this, my point was/is an attempt...or rather a hope about our starting OL.  Because really, what group on a football team so often receives SO little of the credit for "HELPING OTHERS!?"  Protecting the QB; opening the holes for RBs; holding back the exact right amount of time, and then releasing to pass the LoS to run down the field blocking for the WR, or RB on a well designed punt.....or is that a screen play??

I read the article about Wilderness Man Josh Sitton shaving his beard.  Thinking was/is he played up north for his career, and now down here in 90 degree weather and humidity so comfortable....uncomfortable, a change of clothes at mid-day is nothing for many workers.  But that was a required write, and a good topic to come up with when a boss is expecting something different, well written, & what the competition does not have, EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WORK WEEK!!  No idea how they do it, but my hat's, I think I'll keep my hat on and think of some other gesture of respect at my age. 

Whatever Josh decides about his beard and maybe even long hair as well, I hope that it is a spark, or a joke, or anything that makes those men feel special.  Five shaved heads?  Well, that might not be good for hits?.?.?. 

I know many have said the key to this season is if Tann picks up right where he left off in a rainy, ugly game-day against the Cardinals.  I agree in part about that.  But the majority of my noggin believes in 1 of 2 things that puts champions in convertibles cruising slow with paper snow raining down.
1) A defense that all the opposing coaches know how to beat, but still, can't do it because our players are too good!!
2) An Offensive Line.  Nothing Need Be Said.  An Offensive Line!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Dolphins Really Do Have A Plan

The Miami Dolphins really do have a plan and they executed it as well as any team could have.

I love the first 4 picks. I was impressed especially when i got a chance to look at Gesicki' highlights WOW! how about Fitzpatrick being Saban's favorite player, not that i care for Saban but i respect.

No, that doesn't guarantee success, it means the Dolphins just like you and I, want a winner. After studying the outcome of last season they have a feel or a vision for what needed to happen.

They let go a lot of talent this off-season and rightfully so on a lot of it. They also brought in some leaders and playmakers.

No, that doesn't mean they got it right. What it means is that just like all of us fans who watched the games they knew changes had to come.

Think for a minute about the adversity that started with Tannehill goig down then the hurricane and Timmons and then finally when the losing began they could not keep it together because adversity brings out the divas, the complainers and the excuses.

So about the talent loss had to hapen no matter what and now everyone knows they better get with the program or you will be gone from Miami (a great city and great weather and fishing).

With a little luck Tannehill will show the improvement that we all witnessed before his injury. No matter what you think of Tannehill if heathy I'm very doubtfull any of the rookies that we had the opportunity to draft could overtake him and beat him out.

The one thing that sticks out to me is DT. We need more than just a body there, I hope their whatever their plan is it works out because we are definitely going to see the run up the middle without Suh.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Why I'm Over Interested in May.?.?.?

I wanted to explain why I still have this excitement/butterflies in my stomach weeks after the draft & months before preseason and the first game.
May 20th, Sunday evening.  Just under 2 weeks from the beginning of June.  I do not know the exact date, but we are supposed to be released from Suh's contract which I thought frees up around 17 million?.?.
I was curious if anyone has an inside track on what we might do?  Any opinions on what we should do?  Is all of it, or a good deal of it going to the draft class?  What do people think: should we get another back-up QB; another MLB/OLB/DT?  Or maybe even more CBs, or strong back-up OL?
No wrong answers because no one really knows (except for Vegas I guess) who will play well, who will disappoint, and who might.....have something else happen.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Very Young, but will be Better Than 4 Wins.

I was gonna state the obvious with the title(Younger Teams have Physical & Mental Growth Holding them Back), but I knew many would automatically assume something like, "is this guy just realizing why rookies do not fill the starting line ups of Super Bowl Champions?"
And even though I would never hear from anyone that thought this(aside from possible replies telling me how much I don't know; plus I have a wife that reminds me of most of it everyday), I know you're all out there shaking your heads at the remarkable conclusions I come up with......or laughing.  Or my greatest fear....sometimes wish, is that you see who has written the piece, shake your head while laughing, and log out of the site!
OK, all my indecision, self-doubt, & negative feelings out of the way(out in the open), I wanted to comment on a piece I read a couple days ago about  ED & Miami's offense. No, that is a Freudian slip I promise!!  Although I have noticed it in myself each time we get the ball.
OK, indecision, embarrassing facts, & jokes out of the way, what I wanted to write about really does come from an article I read by James Anderson; Are drafts getting better under current Dolphins administration?
Before I give my opinion on that question I would like to say that I agree with JA when he says that he thinks a team should always draft for need until/if that team becomes a perennial powerhouse.  Powerhouses normally have few holes.  We(Dolphins) always seem to have craters....or holes I guess.
I don't remember the formula Anderson came up with designating whether a Draft was/is successful or unsuccessful.  Something about playing time I believe.  Which makes sense, unless you are a well-run organization that commonly plays beyond the regular season like Pittsburgh & Green Bay(you have fewer holes to fill, therefore less playing time for rookies unless you get a special player).  You could throw Denver, Dallas, & Baltimore in there as well, but I can't think of any other organization, that plays by the rules, that consistently makes the playoffs(Indy was there for years until lately; which brings up one of my conspiracy theories about the NFL. You already have 2 NY teams & Boston; 6-8 teams in LA depending on the year; to cover the US for media considerations the expansion we all know about was between Indy & Miami for the South in the AFC. Common sense prevails!! Ask anyone & they will tell you if 2 teams remain & 1 belongs in the AFC Southern Division, without a doubt my first thought is Indianapolis. The hottest summer I ever spent was the winter in Indianapolis). My only real proof most will say is completely random-chance.  I tend to disagree.  Consider how difficult it is to attain the #1 Draft Pick, & then take a look at Indy's First Rd. picks since 1980:
1980---5 & 24
1981---12 & 18
1982---2 & 4
1983--- 1
1984--- 8 & 19
1987--- 2
1990 --- 1 & 2
1994--- 2 & 5
1998--- 1
2012--- 1
OK, throwing 2012 in there is really unfair.  Specially since they let go of Peyton to draft Andrew Luck.
Well I should quickly get on with what I feel about Miami's 2018 Draft.
1) I can't believe Ballage was still around at 131!!!
2) Fitzpatrick will be better than Rod Woodson!!
3) Baker almost has to play. I hope he is TOUGH & can manage to avoid major injury.
4) Just a guess, but it would not surprise me if Smythe has a better rookie year than Gesicki.  Regardless of that, I think the offensive possibilities for Miami are BIG!!!
5) Sanders was a bit down on the list of kickers. Somebody must know something. Seldom do you see a team draft a kicker(unless your owner's last name is Davis), and if the armchairs were given the final pick you know we would have a DT or QB from somewhere. He must be able to kick??
I think 2018 could be very MEMORABLE!!!  

Sunday, May 13, 2018

SuperBowl VII - full game

Here’s a replay of the game that capped the perfect season.  Too bad it was 45 years ago...

I do love seeing how the game itself has changed, how much different the players are, how the officiating is different, etc. Its amusing how on the first series, a Washington defensive lineman swats the ball as it’s being snapped.

Anywa, enjoy.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

A Short Offensive Possibility!?!?!?

OK, according to the experts, we(Miami Dolphins) #%&# the bed with our draft.  We will win maybe 6 games.  Our chances of hoisting the trophy named for Title Towns stalker of the frozen tundra on Lambeau Field, Vince Lombardi, is 100 to 1.  We are already predicted to have anywhere from Pick #2 to #6 in the First Round of the 2019 draft.
MAN!!  Our season has been played!!  And again, we #%$& the bed!!  One of the strangest ideas I find about these experts is that we all know they are using the reasoning of the Dolphins' poor 2018 draft on the fact that we didn't grab a QB!  It is strange because among the 6-7 teams that cover this area every year(26-32), 4 of them drafted QBs. Plus right behind 26, Baltimore & Buffalo drafted QBs. Five of those in the 1st Round, while the Giants picked-up the Richmound QB in the 6th. 
I guess my question is if Miami had sold the farm and grabbed one of the early QBs, or took one late in the draft, would the soothsayers have Miami anywhere but where they are now?  NO!  It has become Cleveland, NY, Buffalo, & Miami as easy targets to write & talk about & feel fairly safe.

I have no idea how well, soon, or if the defense comes together; learns to play with each other.  But just lining up the offense....well, ok, it looks good on paper.
WR-STILLS                                                                                     WR-PARKER
WR-GRANT                                                                                     WR-SCOTT
That's just throwing things down.  Think if the OL comes together early!!  In time to make those 6 games after their Bye week really mean something!!!!